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Bird proofing




Birds can cause many problems by roosting on your roof, under the eaves and nesting on building ledges.

The most common birds that will roost and nest are Pigeons, Sparrows and Indian Mynah birds.

Birds can cause many issues from bird lice which can cause skin irritations to defacing your building with their faeces and even damaging you’re guttering, eaves and roof.

Birds can spread disease and illnessthrough their droppings such as salmonella, histoplasmosis and ornithosis. Birds can also be dangerous for young children and pets if they get aggressive and begin to swoop as they may have a nest nearby.

Did you know that bird droppings contain a chemical which is called uric acid which can damage property and paint of walls and cars.

There are different methods Redline Pest Control uses when eradicating birds.

Bird Proofing – Redline Pest Control technicians will go to all entry points where birds are entering your roof void. All nesting material will be removed, holes will be blocked if there is no extensive damage (if there is extensive damage we will advise you to organise a roof tiler) and we will also dust the roof void for bird lice.

Bird Spiking – Redline Pest Control will install bird spikes on eaves, down pipes, gutters, ledges and any other flat surfaces. By placing the bird spikes on your premises this will prevent them from landing and roosting.

Repellent Gel – Redline Pest Control will place repellent gel where areas are hard to get to or are unable to spike.

Bird Shocks – Redline Pest Control will attach solar power wires to all ledges, balconies and window sills which will prevent birds roosting by giving them a tiny electric shock when they attempt to land.

Netting – Redline Pest control will use a commercial strength bird net to place over open spaces to prevent any birds from entering. This is usually for commercial factories but can also be used for residential properties.

Bird Culling – Redline Pest Control offers professional bird culling for farms, warehouses, schools, and factories. Bird culling is subject to approval and can not be done on a residential property.

All Redline Pest control technicians are highly trained in all aspects of bird control and will be able to advise you of the best treatment for your premises.