Did you know that ants are one of the most common pest, and in fact they can be a real nuisance once they decide that your home is now their home.   Unfortunately for us ants can sniff out any good source of food which then leads to an infestation of these tiny little … Read More

Renters do you own pets!

  Anyone who owns a pet and has signed a rental agreement please take a read this.   Did you know when you sign you rental agreement that there is a clause stating any pet owner must have the premises fumigated at the end of your lease.   Yes there are some animals that never … Read More

Do you have cockroaches in your commercial premises in Sydney than read this!

  Did you know that cockroaches are one of the most common pests found in commercial premises whether it be the common cockroach or the pesky German cockroaches.  Unfortunately for us cockroaches have been around since the dinosaur era and will continue to be one of pest controllers worst nightmares.   Whether you own a … Read More

Bed bugs sydney

  What are bed bugs?   Growing up my mother always use to kiss me good night and say to me “goodnight don’t let the bed bugs bit” now back then I truly thought bed bugs were these mythical bugs that climb into bed if we were being naughty. These days I now know that … Read More

Winter Rodent Control Sydney

  When we think rodents whether it is mice or rats we tend to squirm at the thought that they could take refuge in our home especially in these colder months.   Like us, rodents need a nice warm place to protect them from the harsh cold. Is that our problem or theirs?   When … Read More

Pest Control for all commercial food sites

    Did you know that pests in commercial food sites not only will lose clients but also breach health and safety regulations here in NSW.   Eradicating pests is a high priority for commercial food sites.   Unfortunately, we are hearing and seeing more and more clients who have had pest control by another … Read More

Can pest control be done in the rain?

  Do you spray in the rain?   No!   Why?   Unfortunately here at Redline Pest Control we don’t spray in wet weather or break treatments up in wet weather as we don’t want your treatment to be washed away with the rain.   Whether it is light rain or heavy rain your appointment … Read More

Wolf Spider fun fact.

Wolf spiders are one of the most unique spiders as they carry their eggs around their silken globe, the eggs are attached to the spinnerets which are at the end of the abdomen, this allows the wolf spider to carry her eggs with her always. The wolf spider abdomen must be held in a raised … Read More

Why are Bees Important To Our Daily lives!!!

We have been working on the sidelines asking our clients kids if they would like to write about any insects and pests. We want to work closely with our clients and continue not only a working relationship with our clients but a friendly relationship. Below is Alyssa’s blog on bees and how they are important. … Read More