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German Cockroaches:


German cockroaches have a life span of approximately 153 days for females and 128 days for males. For every female German cockroach have an ootheca which is the sack that hold the between 30 to 40 eggs of baby German cockroaches. The German Cockroaches have three different life stages which is the egg, nymph and the adult. German cockroaches have a reproduction cycle of 4 to 6 weeks with the nyphs becoming adults in 36 days so it is important to call Redline Pest Control once you start to see cockroaches and avail our pest control in Hills District and all across Sydney.

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Australian Cockroaches:


The Australian cockroach also known as PeriplanetaAustralasiae is a tropical cockroach which was introduced to Australia from Africa and is vital to tropical parts of Australia.
Australian cockroaches are brownish reddish in colour with margin round the thorax and yellow edges to front part of fore wings. The antennae are long and the legs are spiky. It is very similar to that of the American cockroach. The only difference between the two is that the Australian cockroach is smaller than the American cockroach.
The Australian cockroach can travel very quickly from room to room and will dart in a zig zag pattern to avoid being caught. Both the male and female Australian cockroaches have equal size wings which enables them to fly for short period of time. Our pest control in Parramatta is fully equipped to deal with such pests with ease.

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American Cockroaches


The American Cockroach also known as the Periplaneta Americana are common in areas which have a high humidity or tropical climates.
American cockroaches are a brownish reddish colour and have a yellow marking behind their head. They are roughly 1.6 in in length and around 0.28 tall. American cockroaches have a flatten body with is sort of ovalish and has a shield over their head to protect them, they have a leathery for wings while their hind wings are delicate.

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Oriental Cockroaches


The Oriental cockroach also known as Blattaorientalis is the largest of the cockroach species. The female is known for being up to 28mm and the male being 29mm. The Oriental cockroach is a darkish brown-black colour. The female is unable to fly as her wings are very short making it appear that she is wingless. However the male Oriental cockroach has very long wings for short flights. The female has a wider body than the males.
Oriental cockroaches have 3 stages for development: the egg, the nymph and the adult. The female adult Oriental cockroach will lay her egg capsules in cracks and crevices and any area which is protected. She will lay roughly 12 capsules in her life time which will have around 18 nymphs in each capsule.

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The Brown-banded Cockroach


The Brown-banded Cockroach known as SupellaLongipalpa is very similar to its cousin the dreaded German cockroach but is much smaller in size, the female is shorter than the male Brown-banded. The Brown-banded cockroach is tan in colour and has 2 small coloured bands which is across their back and will be a creamish yellowish colour, the bands are usually hidden by the wings that is on their backs.
The female Brown-banded cockroach has wings that don’t cover her abdomen while as the male he has wings that cover the entire abdomen.

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