How can I get rid of Springtails?

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Springtails in Sydney

How can I get rid of Springtails?


What are Springtails?
Collembola also better known by the name of Springtails, are tiny little insects which live in damp moist environments. Springtails are less than 6mm and there is roughly 2,000 species worldwide.
Springtails can be found in decaying matter, algae, fungi, leaf litter, compost and places in and around your home which is moist and damp.
But how did they get the name springtails?
Springtails have the ability to jump like a spring when they have been disturbed. A lot of the Springtail species have a furcular which is sort of a tail that will act like a spring when the Springtails have been disturb.
What benefits does a Springtail have to the environment?
Springtails play a huge role in the environment as they feed on decaying matter, algae, fungi, leaf litter and compost as they breakdown organisms.
Are Springtails considered a pest?
Yes, Springtails are a pest as they build up very large populations usually in roof voids, bathrooms, basements and agricultural crops.
How can I get rid of Springtails naturally?
• Remove any organic matter from around your home like compos, leaf litter and any decaying matter.
• Reduce humidity by using a dehumidifier in all rooms which are moist and damp. ( you can either get one installed or you can buy portable ones)
• Fix any leaky pipes and taps.
• Make sure that your water drain/air condition overflow pipe is drained further away from your home.
• For your sinks in your kitchen, bathroom and laundry put draino down the drains to get rid of any Springtails that may of made their way into the drains as this could very well be a breeding ground for them.
• Mix soap and water and put into little containers and place them in the rooms that are affected by the Springtails as the Springtails will not be able to gain momentum to jump as it is to slippery for them. By doing this the Springtails will die in the soapy water. If the infestation is external all you need to do is pour this on to the Springtails.
• Vinegar can also be use instead of soapy water as it being very high in acid causing the Springtails to burn. If the infestation is external all you need to do is pour this on to the Springtails.
• Don’t have soapy water or vinegar but you have bleach, no problem mix the bleach and water in containers and watch them instantly die. If you are able to clean your walls with the diluted bleach and water do so. If the infestation is external all you need to do is pour this on to the Springtails.
• Purchase a few damp rids from your local supermarket and place the damp rid in the affected rooms which have high moisture.

4 thoughts on “How can I get rid of Springtails?”

  1. I’ve noticed some evidence of springtail infestation in my bathroom. I tried to remove as much decaying things as I could, but I still see them around sometimes. It’s probably time for me to get some pest control. Thanks for sharing!

  2. My mother has Springtails in her house – are you able to spray with vinegar or other the entire house to see if that will remedy the problem?

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