10 Fun Facts About Ants

Ant Sydney_wm



1. Ants can carry over 100 times their body weight.
2. If a queen Ant dies the colony will also die not long after. Usually around a month or two.
3. Ants have been around since the dinosaur era.
4. Depending on the Ant species, Ants have two stomachs, one to feed other Ants and one for themselves.
5. There are more Ants on earth than humans.
6. Ants do not have lungs, oxygen passes over their body in tiny valves called the spiracles.
7. Ants create lavish underground colonies with many tunnels zig zagging across each other and leading to different sections of the colony.
8. Worker Ants will leave a pheromone if it finds a good source of food so other Ants can find the food easily.
9. There are over 10,000 species of Ants
10. Ants hear by vibrations through the ground as they don’t have ears.

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