Bees Sydney 10 Fun Facts

Bees Sydney


Bee Sydney
Bees Sydney


1. Bees are found on all continents except Antarctica
2. Baby bees duties are cleaning up around their hive
3. A single Bee can collect enough nectar to make 1 and half teaspoons of honey
4. Bees have been proven to recognise human faces
5. When stung by a Honey bee they usually die but in some cases they actually don’t die
6. Only female Bees sting, the male Bee doesn’t
7. If a Queen Bee dies, the colony will know by smell.
8. When a new Queen emerges it will change the behaviour of the colony
9. Queen Bees lay around 1000 eggs per day
10. A Bee colony could have around 50,000 workers


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Bees Sydney


Bees Sydney


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