Dodgy Pest Controllers Preying on unsuspecting customers

Dodgy Pest Controllers Preying on unsuspecting customers


Dodgy Pest Controllers Preying on unsuspecting customers
Dodgy Pest Controllers


It really saddens me when I get a customer who is in such dire straits over pest that has not been identified by other pest controllers who walk through his door. I received a call from Andrew who was so distraught over a pest which was coming down from his down lights on the upper level.


Andrew had called several companies and even had a few pest controllers come out and just spray a few chemicals and was out of there before he could blink.


These pest controllers didn’t ask any questions, didn’t ask for any samples and most importantly didn’t do a thorough inspection of Andrews home to ascertain what the mystery insect was.


Luckily Andrew called us and we had asked Andrew to send us a picture of the insect so we could identify the insect before advising Andrew of the cost and treatment. Unfortunately the picture was to grainy for us to identify the insect so we asked Andrew to collect some of the insects and put them in a jar so when George went out to Andrews home to investigate what the issue was he could easily identify them.


We found the insect to be Thrips which is an insect less than 5mm and is usually attracted to areas which have high vegetation. Thrips are a serial pest for farmers and people who grow their own crops as they eat through vegetables, herbs and fruits. Thrips are attracted to light and this is why Andrew had found that he had them coming out of his down lights on the upper level of his home.


It is really important when you are hiring someone to preform pest control on your home that they have knowledge of all pests and if they don’t know what pest it is will take the pest to an entomologist to find out what the pest is before commencing a pest spray on your home. Yeah sure it is easy to come in spray here and spray there without knowing what the pest is but what is it going to cost you as a customer or you as the pest controller?


It is vital that all pest controllers inspect a property to ascertain what pest you have and where the pests are located. Once locating the pest the pest controller should always advise you of the appropriate elimination method and by advising you on what steps you could take to prevent an outbreak of pest entering your home.


Be wary of pest controllers who offer you the world but only gives you the bare minimum once he has arrived at your home. A good pest controller will always provide you with a warranty period and will offer you support in the weeks or months after you have had your pest spray.


Unfortunately we have had a few customers who have called us for quotes and had went with a cheaper quote call us back asking us to come in and eliminate their pest as the previous pest controller either didn’t do a good job or never provided the customer with a warranty period. We have all heard the saying you get what you pay for and it is sad that there is a lot of pest controllers out there just for the quick dollar and not there for the customer.

Mosquitoes Sydney 10 Prevention Facts


Mosquitoes Sydney

10 Prevention Facts for Mosquitoes
Mosquitoes Sydney


It is mosquito season and just about everyone will experience a Mosquito bite this season.


Unfortunately with the high humidity and downpour of rain we have had it makes it the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes to breed.


Sydneysiders are in for a real treat getting bitten left right and centre.


What can you do to prevent mosquitoes flying in to your humble abode?


1. Make sure that all windows have fly screens.
2. Any doors have fly screens and kept closed.
3. Burning citronella has its benefits as the strong smell mask any attractions the Mosquito has in finding you.
4. Plant marigolds, horsemint, ageratum, lavender, basil, lemon thyme and catnip as they have a potent smell which repels Mosquitoes Sydney.
5. Buy repellent sprays or roll ons from any good camping or supermarket stores.
6. In an oil burner put oil of lemon eucalyptus as this will ward of Mosquitoes.
7. Mosquitoes Sydney are attracted to dark and bright colours, try wearing colours which are softer or dull colours.
8. Put a Mosquito net over your bed when you sleep at night draw the net around you.
9. Eliminate any water source in and around your home as this will attract the Mosquitoes Sydney.
10. Garlic oil diluted with water, spray on your grass after you have had rain, spray around any fountains you have on your property and you can even spray yourself if you don’t mind the smell.


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Bees Sydney 10 Fun Facts

Bees Sydney


Bee Sydney
Bees Sydney


1. Bees are found on all continents except Antarctica
2. Baby bees duties are cleaning up around their hive
3. A single Bee can collect enough nectar to make 1 and half teaspoons of honey
4. Bees have been proven to recognise human faces
5. When stung by a Honey bee they usually die but in some cases they actually don’t die
6. Only female Bees sting, the male Bee doesn’t
7. If a Queen Bee dies, the colony will know by smell.
8. When a new Queen emerges it will change the behaviour of the colony
9. Queen Bees lay around 1000 eggs per day
10. A Bee colony could have around 50,000 workers


Bee Control Sydney
Bees Sydney


Bees Sydney


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