Bee Control Sydney


Bee Control Sydney
Bees Sydney

Bee Control Sydney


Yesterday walking back to my car from doing a quick grocery shop I noticed a single bee flying around and landed on the bonnet of my car.


I got super excited and whipped out my phone to take a photo of the bee.


Bee Control Sydney
Bee Control Sydney


With all the warm weather we have been having for the last week I knew that with seeing this single bee that meant that we are in for some more good weather and that spring may just hit early this year.


There are over 1,500 species of bees which are in Australia today.


Bee Control Sydney


Bee colonies can have over 50,000 working bees so it is vital to always keep an eye out if a colony is on your premises.




When do Bees swarm?

Bees generally will swarm between September to December as this is when the abundance of nectar and pollen is in the air.


On warm sunny days bees will usually swarm between 10am to 3pm each day in search for nectar and pollen.


What should I do if Bees are on my property?

If bees are on your property call a professional and reliable pest control company who will send out a qualified technician who will be able to eradicate the bees in a safe and controlled manner.


Don’t let your children or pets near the area that the bees are at as this could result being stung by the bees.


Bee Control Sydney
Bee Control Sydney



Is it true that bees can make their new home in my wall cavity?

Yes, believe it or not we get calls from customers who have had bees in their wall cavity and roof voids.


Last year we had Jenny from Penrith call us as she had bees in her wall cavity. Jenny had called another pest control company who came out and told her he had fixed the problem. When Jenny called the pest control company back they said that they had not been out to her property. Jenny did a quick google search on bee control Penrith and found our company. Our technician advised her on how the treatment works and kept her informed every step of the way. A few days later Jenny called us back squealing with delight as we had eradicated the bees for her. You see Jenny is allergic to bees and if stung by a bee she could either get sick or potentially die.


Can bees cause damage to my premises if found in my wall cavity or roof void?


Yes, bees can cause damage to the following:


  • Bee hives when in your wall cavity can reduce air ventilation due to blocking vents.
  • The pressure of a bee hive in your wall cavity can cause your gyprock to swell and your paint to bubble.
  • Bee hives can actually increase the activity of ants at your premises as their honey is an attractant.
  • Electrical faults can occur if the bee hive is wrapped around electrical wires.
  • Installation in your roof void can be damaged if the bee hive is severe.




Pest Control Sydney

Interview With George From Redline Pest Control

Pest Control Interview



When did you become interested in pest control?

I became interested in pest control when I had an outbreak of German cockroaches in my house, I had called a pest controller and when he had turned up I was asking his questions of what his day to day tasks were. Once he left I looked into how I could get into pest control and from that day on I fell in love with helping my customers get rid of their pest and termites.

What makes your day interesting?

Defiantly the customers I meet, I have met some interesting people who makes me laugh with stories they have told me.  I remember one customer who told me that he had a mouse that he couldn’t catch and was really frustrated, he fell asleep on the lounge with chocolate next to him and when he woke up the mouse was eating the chocolate and the mouse had scared him.

What motivates you?

My motivation is helping my customers with their pest and termite issues that they have.

What sets you apart from other pest controllers?

I will always listen to the customer’s needs and wants and go out of my way to make sure that the customer is informed on what pest treatment they are having and how to avoid an infestation occurring, providing the customer with support during and after the treatment has been carried out.

Who is your targeted audience?

I would say that my targeted audience is both residential and commercial property market.

What is the most common complaint you hear from customers?

I always hear horror stories from customers who have had pest controllers come in and will spray a few areas and will be in and out within 15 minutes and they still have pest crawling around their home or place of business.

What are three positive things a customer would say about your work ethics?

My customers will say that I am honest, reliable and I get the job done right the first time.

Spider Control Sydney

Termites In Kellyville

Spider Control Sydney


Spider control Sydney


Spider control Sydney
Spider control Sydney


What is spider control and how does it work?


Every home at some point will have spiders whether they are your annoying friendly house spider or your poisonous spider which is hunting for its next victim.


Spider Control Sydney
Spider control Sydney


How does Redline Pest Control eradicate spiders?


First and foremost our technicians will go around your home or business and will correctly identify any spiders which are on your premises before any treatment is carried out.


Depending on the type of spider which is lurking in your home there is different treatments that we carry out.


Spider control Sydney
Spider control Sydney


Your typical webbing spider will need to be sprayed directly as spraying around the perimeter will not eradicate them.


Unfortunately spiders are not like other pest and will not die once they walk over the chemical barrier which is set in place once a treatment has been carried out.


The reason why spiders needs to be directly sprayed is that their feet or paws have tiny little velcro hairs which doesn’t absorbed the chemical which has been sprayed around the spiders habitat.


Spider control Sydney
Spider control Sydney


Ground dwelling spiders are also known as wanders and will make burrows in the ground and depending on what species of Ground dwelling spider that is lurking in your home or business some will have small silk trip lines to catch their prey.


What are ground dwelling spiders and webbing spiders
White tip spider


Redline Pest Control needs to comb over both your front and back yard to see if there is any little burrows and once a ground dwelling spider infestation has been identified  the technician will spot treat each burrow and then will do a blanket spray over the yard.


Spider control Sydney
Huntsman Spider


If you have ground dwelling spiders inside your home Redline Pest Control will need to do a treatment which involves smoke bombs. Using smoke bombs will kill off any pest or spider which is hibernating in cracks and crevices in your home. You will need to leave home for around 4 hours once the smoke bombs have been activated and will need to stay at least another half an hour outside once you have opened your windows and doors after the 4 hour period is up.


Spider information 


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Pest Control Sydney


Pest Control Sydney


Pest Control Sydney
Pest Control Sydney


What makes a good pest technician and how do we know that we are getting the treatment that we pay for?


Yes sure there are companies in the pest industry who will do almost anything to get you to go with them but what are they offering and will they fix the issue at hand.


Don’t be scared or intimidated when it comes to choosing the right pest controller. What I always recommend is jump on to Google and see what reviews are being posted about the company that you have in mind in Pest Control Sydney.


Redline Pest Control goes above and beyond to make sure each client is informed of how the treatment works, the threshold of pest which is at the clients home or business and will eliminate any pest which you may have.


It is unfortunate that there is several pop up companies who will advertise very cheap then will either disappear, provide no warranty or even worse they will not fix your pest issue forcing you to call another company and lay out more of your hard earned money.


Redline Pest Control is Sydney’s leading pest control company offering clients a 6 month warranty on most pest  services they provide.


Pest Control Sydney
Pest Control Sydney



So what sets Redline Pest Control apart from other pest control companies?


Each technician which is employed by Redline Pest Control goes through extensive training workshops not only to help them understand the biology of pest and their thresholds but to listen to what the client is saying in regards to their pest issue. (We have heard many horror stories where pest technicians have gone into client’s homes or businesses and not listen to what was the issue at hand and done a completely different treatment).


Field technicians are not the only one who goes through training, each staff member in the office will also commence training on pest and termites. Imagine if you call a company and the office admins have no idea what you are talking about, you will be very disappointed and will call the next person which is listed in Google.


Redline Pest Control will always have a solution for any pest that arises in your home whether we advise you on how you can eliminate them on your own or by recommending a treatment that is right for your pest issues. (I don’t know of many companies that will let you know that there is a do it yourself treatment).


A good pest control company in Sydney will always make themselves available to their clients by providing an after hours phone number for any questions they may have of their past service, upcoming service or emergencies.


Pest Control Sydney
Pest Control Sydney



What are some prevention tips that you can do around your home or business?


  • Flyscreens that have holes or not on properly on will need to be replace or fixed.
  • All doors in and around your home or business to be sealed so no insects can gain entry.
  • Take out the rubbish each night that way no pest will have a breeding ground.
  • Any trees or plants that is in direct contact with your home will need to be pruned.
  • Any cracks or crevices in and around your home must be sealed.
  • Clean gutters from any twigs and leaves.
  • Make sure that any gutter drain is diverted away from your home as this will attract termites.
  • Subfloors and roof voids are to be well ventilated.
  • Water and food bowls for pets to be put away once finished.
  • Check to see if you have any plumbing leaks in or round your home.
  • Seal all food in air tight containers or in your fridge.
  • Do mini inspections in and around your home for pest and termites.
  • Remove any timbers, stumps and wood chippings as this will attract termites.
  • If you have a subfloor make sure that there isn’t any debris as this will attract termites.
  • Have regular Termite Inspections every 6 to 12 months to avoid termite damage to your home.


Redline Pest Control
Redline Pest Control


What we ask of our clients before we come in and provide pest control?


All we ask is if you can do the following task before we come and provide pest control.


  • Do your weekly clean before we come.
  • All food to be put away in airtight containers or in the fridge.
  • All grass areas to be mowed short.
  • A quick pruning of any bushy areas or over hanging trees.
  • No washing to be on the clothesline.
  • If you have pets arrange for them to be out of the house for around 2 hours or until the chemical has dried. If you have reptiles or birds just place a towel or sheet around their enclosure.
  • Once the pest control has been carried out for you and your kids to go out for around 2 hours or until the chemical has dried.


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