Residential pest control Sydney and what Redline Pest Control can do for you!


Residential pest control Sydney


Residential pest control Sydney
Residential pest control Sydney



With spring comes nice warm weather and with that so does pest of all sizes whether it be your cockroaches right down to your wasps.


So what is involved in a residential pest control Sydney?


There is many different treatments to suit every client’s needs. Each home is different whether it would be the size of the house or experiencing different pest invading your premises.


German Cockroach Treatment:


Residential pest control Sydney
Residential pest control Sydney


With a German cockroach treatment the technician will firstly inspect your premises to see the threshold of German cockroaches which are in your premises.  The technician will then do a skirting board spray and place gel in appropriate places such as cupboard door hinges, microwave, fridges/freezers, washing machines and other electrical appliances.


For German cockroach treatments a Redline Pest Control customer service agent will ask you what rooms you are seeing the German cockroaches in and how many you are roughly seeing each day. The customer service agent will then determine the level of infestation by your answers and will recommend which treatment is suited to your needs.


Mild: kitchen, bathroom & laundry


Moderate: kitchen, bathroom, laundry, hallways, dining room & lounge room


Severe: kitchen, bathroom, laundry, hallways, dining room, lounge room & bedrooms


Ant Treatment:


Residential pest control Sydney
Residential pest control Sydney


With an ant treatments we once again will ask if you are seeing ants inside, outside or both and where exactly are you seeing the ants.


Internal Areas:


For internal areas the technician will inspect and identify problematic areas where the issue of ants are. The technician will set up an ant baiting system using gel and will doing a window and skirting board spray, if you have ants along the wall he will also spray the affected walls.


External Areas:


For external areas the technician will also inspect and identify problematic areas where the issue of ants are. The perimeter of your premises will be sprayed alongside with any ant mounds and trails.


If you have an issue both internal and external both treatments will apply.


Rodent Treatment:


Residential pest control Sydney
Residential pest control Sydney


With rodent treatments we will ask you where you are experiencing the issue whether it will be internal, external or both. We will also ask you what times are you hearing the noise if you are hearing noises in roof void as this very well could be a possum. Rodents love their run paths and will often dart from place to place in a blink of an eye.


Internal Areas:


Bait will be placed in roof void if you are hearing noises, bait will be placed in cardboard bait stations and will be placed strategically behind furniture, fridges, washing machines, dryers and any other places that rodents will frequent.


External Areas:


When we bait outside for rodents we always try to look for places that the bait in cardboard bait stations can be strategically placed. If there is no place that the bait can be placed we will advise you that you will need to purchase lockable bait stations which is yours to keep and the best thing is they are reusable and all you need to do if you have a rodent issue again is to replenish the lockable bait station.


General Pest Treatment:


Residential pest control Sydney
Residential pest control Sydney


A general pest treatment is recommend to home owners roughly every 12 months to avoid infestations to the pest listed below.


Pest Which Are Covered By General Pest Treatment:


  • Large cockroaches
  • Webbing spiders
  • Silverfish
  • Carpet beetles
  • Creamy colour crickets
  • Wasps


What Is Involved In A General Pest Treatment?




  • Dusting of roof void
  • All internal skirting boards will be sprayed
  • Spraying under furniture
  • Any cracks and crevices will be sprayed




  • Perimeter spray around your property
  • Door and window frames will be sprayed
  • Dusting of the subfloor if you have a subfloor
  • Fence lines
  • Gutters
  • Fascia boards
  • Garden beds/scrubs/bushes
  • Clotheslines
  • Letterbox
  • Rubbish bins
  • Ornaments which are on your property
  • Any cracks and crevices that the technician sees.

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Potentially A New Species of Funnel-Web Spider Found In Booderee National Park NSW


Funnel-Web Spider
Funnel-Web Spider


Funnel-Web Spider


It has been reported yesterday that scientist from the Australian National University has stumbled upon a new species of the Funnel-Web Spider in Jervis Bay NSW.


What is remarkable is that the 5 cm female Funnel-Web Spider is roughly 25 to 30 years old and was found burrowed in a rotting log.


It is reported that Dr Wallenius believes that the Funnel-Web spider like is to be that of the tree dwelling spider and not the common ground dwelling spider.


Dr Wallenius is hoping that they can do genetic testing on the Funnel-Web Spider to see if the spider found is in fact that of the Funnel-Web species.


Source of information ABC


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Commercial Pest Control & What Redline Pest Control Can Do For You!!!

Commercial Pest Control & What Redline Pest Control Can Do For You!!!
Commercial Pest Control & What Redline Pest Control Can Do For You!!!


Commercial Pest Control & What Redline Pest Control Can Do For You!!!


Do you have pests in your commercial business whether you have a business in the food industry or maybe a warehouse with your stock is being eaten or has bird issues?


When it comes to pest in your commercial business whether they are cockroaches, birds, rodents or other pests it is important to make sure that you get on to the issue quickly as these pest can cause havoc and bring diseases to your products and can affect not only your employees but also your future customers.


These days with the internet being handy on our phones it is easy for potential customers to do a quick Google search to see if your company has bad reviews or pest issues.


With the Australian Food Authority now having the name and shame section on their website it is making it more difficult for food industry companies to hide their pest issues from the public.


Commercial Pest Control & What Redline Pest Control Can Do For You!!!


  • Customise a pest service which suits your environment and pest threshold
  • Remind you when your pest service is due
  • Each treatment which is carried out will be done a professional manner
  • Use chemicals with low toxicity with non-toxic techniques and procedures
  • Inspect your premises before a treatment begins
  • Identify any pest and will advise you of any pest which the technician has seen
  • Provide you with a service report for any future inspections done by the council


What are somethings you can do around your commercial business that will help eliminate pest? Commercial Pest Control & What Redline Pest Control Can Do For You!!!


  • Removing all rubbish at the end of trading hours
  • Wiping down all counter tops, equipment, microwaves, fridges/freezers and stoves/ovens
  • Soap dispensers, first aid kits and cash registers much also be wiped down regularly
  • Loading areas must also be cleaned and boxes and rubbish removed
  • Put all food in appropriate places as in airtight containers and in fridges
  • Do mini inspections on your premises regularly so you can see the threshold of pest which is lurking in or around your premises
  • Clean the drains regularly
  • Make sure that you clean every crack and crevices
  • Mop the floors
  • Throw out scraps of food and waste


Commercial Pest Control & What Redline Pest Control Can Do For You!!!


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Pre-Purchase Inspections Sydney


Pre-Purchase Inspections Sydney
Pre-Purchase Inspections Sydney


Pre-Purchase Inspections Sydney


Congratulations you made the first step on purchasing that dream home or investment property. But what do you need to do to make sure that you are protected when it comes to purchasing that property?


Pre-Purchase Inspections Sydney
Pre-Purchase Inspections Sydney


Pre-Purchase Inspections Sydney
Pre-Purchase Inspections Sydney



What is the first step that buyers must do?


First step that buyers must do is a pre-purchase inspection. This inspection is a must if you want to avoid buying a house riddled with termites, wood rot and many other issues.


So what Does Redline Pest Control have to offer when it comes to your Pre-Purchase Inspections Sydney?


  • Fully licensed and insured with public liability.
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
  • Technicians who are highly trained to pick up the smallest inconsistencies on or around your property.
  • A service which is not only of the highest standard but a professional approach to speak to you in a way that you will understand.
  • Competitive prices.


What are you looking for in a Pre-Purchase Inspections Sydney?


Redline Pest Control technician conducts a pre-purchase inspection he is looking for any termites, termite workings, borers, borer’s damage, wood rot, ventilation issues, poor drainage, high risk areas for termites and structural damage.


How do you conduct a Pre-Purchase Inspections Sydney?


  • Inspect interior walls, skirtings and staircases.
  • Inspect roof void, subfloor, outbuilding and external areas.
  • Tapping of timbers and use of a moisture meter to see if there is any internal areas that look out of the norm.


Pre-Purchase Inspections Sydney
Pre-Purchase Inspections Sydney



Once the inspection has been done what do I get so I know the inspection has been carried out?


  • Full inspection report outlining any issues that we may of found.
  • Report includes high definition photos of any issues.
  • Free no obligation quote to fix any issues regarding termites or if you need a termite prevention barrier.
  • Advise you of things which need to be removed from the property such a sleepers, timbers, logs, wood chippings and various other items as it very well could attract termites.


Pre-Purchase Inspections Sydney
Pre-Purchase Inspections Sydney


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Dead carcasses and the blow fly!

pest pic


Monday I had a frantic call from a concerned client saying there was an unusual amount of blow flies swarming in her home and she didn’t know where they were coming from.


I asked her the usual questions like can she smell something decaying, was there any meat left out, does she have pets as maybe it is the food that they might not of eaten, to check to see if there was any animals on her property that may of passed. Nothing I asked was occurring so I asked one of our technicians to do an emergency job to investigate why this customer has blow flies in her home.


John arrived at the client’s home in Parramatta and searched the lawns, subfloor, and interior and made his way up to the roof void where he instantly smelled a decaying matter. Upon further investigations of the roof void he had found dead rodents in the roof void.


John removed two dead rodents but was unable to get the third rodent as it had slipped into the wall cavity. John advised the customer that he was putting the odour eliminating bag in the roof void and that it will suck up any bad smells that was in the roof void.


Our client had used a different pest controller to do a rodent treatment and when she had tried to call that pest controller he no longer had his phone in service.


Usually when pest controllers bait for rodents they will use bait that has a thinning agent in it so it coagulates the blood stopping it from releasing a bad smell.


Unfortunately for our client the bait that was used was a stock standard bait that you could get from the local hardware house which doesn’t have this thinning agent in it.


Needless to say our client was so happy that the blow flies have since disappeared and that we have found the source of the issue.


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Spring Pest Control Sydney


Spring Pest Control Sydney
Spring Pest Control Sydney


Yep it is that time of the year again, Spring has just arrived and with the abundance warm weather and flowers sprouting it sure is bringing bees and other pest out of hiding.


So what does this mean? Spring Pest Control Sydney


As the cooler months turn into warmer month’s pest come out of hibernation to feed and breed setting up a nice little home in your humble abode.


So we all know that pest are seasonal and with the cooler months it will bring pest like rodents and spiders in doors but was does the warmer months bring to your home? Cockroaches! Eww did someone say cockroaches? Yep I sure did say that nasty word cockroaches.


Spring Pest Control Sydney
Spring Pest Control Sydney



So why is it important to get rid of these pest? Spring Pest Control Sydney


Cockroaches, Rodents and Flies can cause contamination by urinating and pooping over utensils, bench tops, containers and food which has been left out.  Unfortunately these pests carry a lot of harmful bacteria such as streptococcus virus, Staphylococcus Salmonella and streptococcus virus. Would you put your family’s health or life on the line? I know that I certainly wouldn’t put my family’s life on the line.


Bees and wasps may be great from an ecological point of view but what dangers can they bring when they have set up their hives in or around your home. For most of a simple bee or wasps sting will only cause small irritation but for others this could very will send them to the emergency department or even worse cause death.


Now is the time to prune those trees and bushy areas, clean up around the kiddies play equipment and keep the lawns cut short.


Why do we always advise customers to keep their lawns short and their yards neat and tidy?


Redline Pest Control believes that in order to reduce pest thresholds it is vital to know what is going on in and around your premises. Say for instance that you have long grass, snakes and ground dwelling spiders will be in all their glory as it is the perfect breeding ground for them to breed and feed without being detected. Pest which are easily undetected cause can serious harm to you or your loved ones.


Don’t delay call today to have those nasty pesky little pest eradicated from your humble abode.


Spring Pest Control Sydney
Spring Pest Control Sydney


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