Commercial Pest Control Sydney


Commercial Pest Control Sydney
Commercial Pest Control Sydney


We all love getting with our friends sharing laughs while we dine at our favourite places to eat whether it is the local restaurant, pub, take away that swanky upmarket bar.


Do we really know what is lurking behind the doors of these places that we frequent?


Are you a business owner and finding it difficult to gain control over pest which are lurking around like they own the joint?


Redline Pest Control deals with all pests regardless if they are big or small and will find a solution which is suited to the needs of your food premises.


What sets Redline Pest Control apart from other pest control companies?


Redline Pest Control uses the Integrated Pest Management.


What is the Integrated Pest Management?


The Integrated Pest Management is a system that Redline Pest Control uses in order to carry out and maintain a pest free business.


The Integrated Pest Management method consists of 5 basic steps that each technician will carry out at your appointment and they are:


  1. Inspection – A thorough inspection of your business premises will be conducted even in those areas which don’t have any pest issues.
  2. Identification – Will correctly identify any pests which are lurking around in your business.
  3. Threshold Levels – To establish the threshold levels of all pests which are in your business.
  4. Control Measures – To control and manage all pests which are in your business.
  5. Evaluation – Each technician will evaluate the effectiveness of our service which we have applied  to your business to make sure that we have eradicated and eliminate all pests which are in your business.


So let’s take a minute to talk about what can happen if you do not have any pest maintenance programs in place.


I have a client who has a chain of restaurants who thought he could tackle a cockroach and rodent problem on his own. He would place baits and spray the restaurants before he closed for the night just using everyday fly spray that you get over the counter at your local grocery shop.


While at first that may of provided temporary relief it wasn’t getting rid of the pest issue.


It wasn’t until the council came into one of his restaurants and fined him for fail to take practicable measures to eradicate and prevent the harbourage of pests that he realised that he needed help in eradicating the rodents and cockroaches.


It is vital for anyone who has a food business to always have a pest management service in place and to always maintain that pest maintenance service to avoid pest from entering your food business.


Other than copping a fine from the council what else can go wrong if pest are not eradicated?


You definitely don’t want your customers to fall sick or die eating your food. Yes, I know you are probably thinking she is so dramatic as if anyone is going to get sick or die from eating our food but trust me it does happen.


With pest comes diseases and with diseases comes sickness and in some cases death.


Cockroaches, rodents and other pest will always contaminate food, prepping stations, utensils, pots and pans by running over it or soiling it with their waste.


Once being fined from the council they will give your company details to the NSW Food Authority and they will then place your details on their name and shame section on their website.


You’re on the name and shame so what, what could go wrong? Its only a website. Nobody checks it.


Well you are wrong, many people have subscribed to the name and shame and will check it to see if their favourite restaurant is listed on there for any issues before heading out.


Once being placed on the register every potential customer will be able to see what it is exactly that you have been fined for and when you were fined.


Loss of reputation could ruin your business.


Word of mouth resulting in a loss of business resulting in you closing your doors for good.



Commercial Pest Control Sydney
Commercial Pest Control Sydney



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Commercial Pest Control

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes



Each and every one of us has been bitten at some point in our lives by mosquitoes.


That annoying itchy feeling after we have been bitten by mosquitoes is the worst, scratching like a mad man whether it be on the bus to work or the comfort in our homes.


With mosquitoes come diseases depending where the mosquitoes have come from. Only female mosquitoes will bite their unsuspecting victims.


The diseases that are associated with mosquitoes are:


  • Malaria
  • Yellow fever
  • Dengue fever
  • Chikungunya
  • Ross river virus
  • Murray valley encephalitis
  • Barmah forest virus


What attracts mosquitoes to bite us and how can we get rid of them in a natural way?


When mosquitoes bite their victims they will also inject their salvia into the skin to prevent your blood clotting. Their salvia is what causes the itch once we have been bitten.


  • Lemon scented geranium is great, mosquitoes can’t stand this plant
  • Remove any water source which is on your property as this is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes
  • Install fly screens over windows and a screen door both for your front and back door
  • In a small dish place left over coffee which has been grounded and mix with a small amount of water
  • Citronella candles are great if you are having a BBQ
  • Get a small dish and place one camphor tablet and dilute with water (you can get these tablets from chemist warehouse
  • Put a cover over your pool, if you have a baby pool turn it over and turn buckets upside down
  • Put pets water bowls away at the end of the day so mosquitoes cannot breed
  • In an oil burner place one teaspoon of vanilla oil and one teaspoon of olive oil and let the aromas deter the mozzies
  • Catnip plants and oils will also work a treat
  • Lemon eucalyptus oil in an oil burner just watch the mosquitoes disappear


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Natural Fly Remedies For Prevention And Control

fruit fly


With the warmer weather now upon us it is natural for flies to fly right into our humble abode.


Now I know that you are probably thinking that we are crazy for giving our customers helpful hints that can help prevent and control certain pest without asking for any money but in all honesty helping our clients with helpful tips that is beneficial for not only our customers pocket but also for the environment.


I have been doing a little research in more natural ways that I can eradicate flies from my home as there is no chemical control that suits my needs as with tiny little hands going everywhere I really don’t feel comfortable getting out the quickbait which is a chemical used for flies and is highly toxic if digested.


So what can we do to help protect our home from flies so our little monsters don’t get sick from harsh chemicals that are used for fly eradication.


  • Fly swats are great if you want to swing and jump around your home
  • Have a few planters of basil near your doors and windows
  • Flies absolutely hate cinnamon, try placing cinnamon around your home in little mason jars
  • Removing any food source that is likely to attract flies
  • Wash any cups, plates etc straight after using them
  • Wipe down all benchtops
  • Make a fly vinegar trap (get a mason jar and fill up with apple cider then put the lid on. The lid must have holes big enough for the flies to crawl into, once in the jar the fly doesn’t know how to get out of the jar)
  • Homemade fly strips are great, all you need is a piece of cardboard, ¼ cup of golden syrup and ¼ cup of sugar, mix well together and place onto the cardboard
  • Lavender trees, teatree oil in a candle burner, mint, tomatoes, cucumbers, caster oil, apple cider vinegar, cloves, witch hazel, citronella, and basil are great around benchtops, windows and doorframes
  • Try not to over water your plants as flies are attracted to the water and is a perfect breading ground
  • Put flyscreens over all windows and install a flyscreen door
  • Take out your rubbish once you have finished with it, make sure to always have the bin lid on
  • If you can install UV traps this is great as it zaps the flies


So now that I have given you some tips on prevention and control of flies try implementing the steps above the next time a pesky little fly comes into your home.


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Bees Bees Bees!



Over the last few days I have been inundated with emails and frantic calls from clients who have had an influx of bees nesting in wall cavities and swarming around their home.


While bees are not harmful to some they can be deadly to others.


So why is there is an influx of bees right now?


Most Bees will hibernate over the winter season and will awaken in spring as flowers start to bloom and with flowers come pollen and nectar which bees thrive off.


Bees have been known to be seen in winter if the weather is warm enough.


So you have bees what is the next step?


Firstly don’t ever disturb them as by disturbing them can lead to several bees coming after you or a love one and trust me you don’t want to be stung by multiple bees.


Call a professional pest technician who knows what they are talking about and will know how to get rid of bees in a swift and non-harmful way.


I had a call from a real estate company that we deal with on a constant basis and one of their landlords had received a quote and went with that quote to eradicate bees he had on a rental property he owns. Though the price was very cheap which he thought was great unfortunately the company he had hired to come out did not eradicate the bees properly and provided no warranty.


Any good pest technician will always provide a three month warranty for bees to their clients.


Sometimes when dealing with pest that can be harmful cheap is not the way to go. You want to hire someone who is confident and will guarantee their work after all your life could potentially be at risk.


Bees don’t always create their hives on trees and awnings. Bees can nestle in between wall cavities and roof voids. Bees will gain entry via eaves and between brick work on the other foundations on your home.

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Out comes the cockies and other pest.


Out comes the cockies and other pest.
Out comes the cockies and other pest.


Out comes the cockies and other pest.


With the current weather becomes increasingly hot out comes those annoying pest that we all loathe.


I usually get pest control done at the end of spring closer to weather but I had found that over the past few days I had a large increase of large cockroaches and bees swarming around my house.


Anyone that knows me knows that I generally don’t have an issue with pest except pest that can contaminate my food and could potentially sting me.


Spiders don’t really bother me as much as I find spiders so fascinating with the way they spin their webs and the amazing patterned colours that each spider has.




Like any other customer that Redline Pest Control services I had to make sure that I had done the following things in preparation for the pest technician so he could commence the pest treatment.

  • Weekly cleaning done
  • No clothes on the clothesline
  • Food in airtight containers
  • Grass cut short
  • My pet looked after for about an hour or so or until the chemical has dried
  • Moved furniture away from the wall
  • Pet containers stored away
So what treatment suited my needs for my property?

Redline Pest Controls pest technician carried out a General Pest Treatment plus a targeted Bee Hive Removal Treatment.

What is included in the General Pest Treatment and Bee Hive Removal?
  • Large cockroaches
  • All webbing spiders
  • Silverfish
  • Carpet beetles
  • Creamy colour crickets
  • Wasps
  • Bees
Would I get warranty if I wasn’t employed by Redline Pest Control?

Yes, Of course all services that we carry out comes with a 6 month warranty. The only time warranty won’t be provided is if there is a high infestation and it will require a second service with will be advised to you both over the phone and in person.

Do Bees even have warranty?

Yes, Bees do have warranty. If the bees do come back all you need to do is call us back and we will send out the same technician that came to your home the first time back to your home.

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Out comes the cockies and other pest.