Birds solar panels proof today

Bird proofing solar panels Sydney


Birds solar panels proof today
Birds solar panels proof today


With the need to reduce our carbon footprint more and more people are turning towards getting solar panels fitted onto their roofs to reduce their energy consumption.


Unfortunately, that means once the solar panels have been installed along come pigeons and make your solar panels their home.


Disadvantages of having birds roost under your solar panels:


  • Eyesore from their poop
  • Bird droppings corroding metal stripping
  • Bird poop diseases such as, cryptococcosis, histoplasmosis, salmonellosis, E.coli, St louis encephalitis and many more diseases
  • Bird lice which can come inside and make you feel itchy
  • Bird droppings blocking your drainage systems and guttering
  • Noises throughout the night and early morning


Here at Redline Pest Control are paving the way when it comes to solar panel proofing solar panels and will customise a package on how many solar panels you have.


The best thing about solar panel proofing is not only do we get rid of the birds it also prevents rodents, leaf debris and other foreign objects gaining entry under your solar panels.


Did you know that once you get your solar panels proofed you will notice that airflow will glide through therefore making your solar panels more efficient.


Each of our technicians are highly trained, have working at heights certificate and will come to your home with a professional service.


We understand bird’s biology, habits and most importantly, how to get rid of them roosting under your solar panels.


Redline Pest Control will supply and install bird proofing mesh which is made from a robust hot dipped galvanised mesh to the perimeter of your solar panels.


The galvanised bird proofing mesh is attached to the edges of your solar panels using a clipping system. We do not glue, drill or screw anything to your solar panels as it will either void your warranty or cause damage.


Birds solar panels proof today

Bird proofing solar panels Sydney


Birds, solar panels, proof today!
Birds solar panels proof today



Once your solar panels have been clipped on, you will be able to unclip our mesh for future maintenance to your solar panels.


Our bird proofing system is designed to prevent birds, rodents, leaf debris and any other foreign objects to get underneath your solar panels.


Prior to installation of the bird mesh, your technician will clean out all live birds, chicks, nesting materials, leaf debris and any other foreign objects from underneath your solar panels.


We provide a five-year workmanship warranty for all bird proofing.


Please note that while we do bird proof your solar panels to avoid them gaining entry we are unable to stop them roosting on top of solar panels.


Birds will usually stick around for a few weeks, this is due to them not realising that this is no longer their home.


After a few weeks or so the birds should move on and find new shelter.


Redline Pest Control is fully insured for your peace of mind.


We also bird proof ledges, downpipes, warehouses, industrial, schools, car parks and many more.


Birds solar panels proof today

Bird proofing solar panels Sydney


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