What attracts rats and mice

What attracts rats and mice


What attracts rats and mice
What attracts rats and mice


When I think of rats and mice, I get a shiver running down my spine. I think about all the nasty diseases they carry, and I also get quite annoyed when they start eating our fresh produce that we grow in the backyard. I had been watching and letting my zucchini get to a reasonable size so I could make some tasty fritters but to my surprise the rat that decided it was going to for their dinner and not my breakfast.


I was determined that I was going to handle getting this pesky little rat out of my garden and on deaths door, yep, yeah right, it toyed with me, making me go insane until I had to realise that defeat was on the cards and that I would have to come into work and tell the technicians about this disgusting pesky rat that is eating my fruit and veggies. Lucky for me George came around to my home and set up an effective rodent bait treatment that quickly and swiftly got the results of getting rid of this hairy little monster.


So, what attracts rats and mice and how can we effectively get rid of them, so they don’t destroy our crops, pass on diseases and make our home their residence.


Food sources

What attracts rats and mice is having an abundance of food, this can be from kitchen scraps to the compost, my precious fruit and garden, having poultry, having birds, have cats or dogs food left out, not packing food away in the appropriate containers, not having a secure bin and having an overgrown junk yard.


Water sources

Did you know that if you have leaky pipes and poor drainage is perfect for rats and mice as it gives them an abundance of water so they can stay hydrated. So, get those pipes and drains fixed ASAP At night time before you go to bed it is important to remove all water sources such as pet water bowls so that way there is no water source for them to drink in or around your home.


Prevention tips

Why these tips will help prevent an infestation of rats and mice it is not a cure, if you notice that you do have an infestation of rats and mice it is best to call for a professional pest controller as we have the skills and right baiting system for your home or business. We will bait accordingly and when doing rodent treatments, we will always use rodent bait boxes so we don’t harm or kill your family members or any pets that may live or visit your home.


So, what are some things you could do to help prevent rats and mice?

  • Have mini inspections on your home to see if there is anything that would be tasty for rats and mice.
  • Fix any pipes or drainage issues ASAP.
  • Always keep your rubbish secured so they can’t get through it.
  • Seal off any holes in or around your home so they can’t squeeze their way inside.
  • Don’t have your yard looking like a junkyard.
  • Always have the grass cut short.
  • Any over hanging tree branches trim them down.
  • Store all food in airtight containers.
  • Remove pet bowls at the end of the night so they can’t eat or drink.


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