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About Us


  • Redline Pest Controls vision is to be recognised by our clients as their leading experts in the pest industry.
  • Redline Pest Control aims to set the highest industry standard for quality, safety and customer service by providing a service which not only eliminates pest but also educates each customer on how a pest life cycle can damage their home or business.
  • Redline Pest Control aims to set the highest level of professionalism while holding integrity and an honest service.


Our mission is to always provide a service which is not only effective, professional but also affordable to our customers.

Redline Pest Control is a family based business who are not only honest but have integrity and promise to deliver a service which is second to none.

Redline Pest Control believe that our customers know what they need and by providing a proactive and comprehensive pest/termite service while exceeding our clients expectations every step of the way.

Redline Pest Control believes in educating their customers on the life cycle of a pest and a treatment plan which not only eradicates the pest but teaches them ways of avoiding an infestation of a pest in the future.

Redline Pest Control believes in protecting customer’s food, property and health while ensuring the safety of our customer’s environment when carrying out a pest/termite service.

Redline Pest Control believes in continuous learning to provide customers with the expertise and knowledge that not only shows results but also puts our customers mind at ease.



To establish Redline Pest Control as the leading provider of pest control in Sydney.

Redline Pest Control will follow our 5 principles which we will maintain as we grow.


(1)   Customer Service is Redline Pest Controls number one priority.

(2)   Redline Pest Control will always find a solution to any problem which arises.

(3)   Redline Pest Control is highly innovative in the services it delivers to each client and is guided by our core principles which is environmental, reputable, respectful and honest.

(4)   Each service which Redline Pest Control carries-out will be defined with a highly structured service which outlines how the service works and priced in accordance to what the client is seeking.

(5)  Redline Pest Control will always hold high integrity by carrying out each service to the highest level of professionalism and with 100% accuracy.

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