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American Cockroaches

American Cockroaches - Redline Pest Control


American Cockroaches - Redline Pest Control

The American Cockroach also known as the Periplaneta Americana are common in areas which have a high humidity or tropical climates.
American cockroaches are a brownish reddish colour and have a yellow marking behind their head. They are roughly 1.6 in in length and around 0.28 tall. American cockroaches have a flatten body with is sort of ovalish and has a shield over their head to protect them, they have a leathery for wings while their hind wings are delicate.


They have long segmented antennae and have chewing mouth parts.


Their eyes have over 2,000 individual lenses and will only been seen at night time as the light is very sensitive to their eyes.
American cockroaches have 3 development stages which are: egg, nymph, and adult. The female can produce 10 eggs capsules in her life time. The immature cockroaches will hatch from the ootheca within 8 weeks and will take 12 months to mature, American cockroaches will live to around 3.5 years and will reproduce around 200 immature American cockroaches.
American cockroach is considered one of the fastest insects due to their ability to run and hide if disturbed. They will live in areas which have high moisture as they can’t tolerate the cold weather
American cockroaches will eat anything they can chew through from leather, dead animal, plants, left overs, book binding and will even eat their own sick and dying relatives.
If you have an infestation of American cockroaches call Redline Pest Control on  0426 002 007 to organise for a highly qualified technician to come out and eradicate the infestation you have.

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