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Australian Cockroaches


Australian Cockroaches - Redline Pest Control

The Australian cockroach also known as PeriplanetaAustralasiae is a tropical cockroach which was introduced to Australia from Africa and is vital to tropical parts of Australia.
Australian cockroaches are brownish reddish in colour with margin round the thorax and yellow edges to front part of fore wings. The antennae are long and the legs are spiky. It is very similar to that of the American cockroach. The only difference between the two is that the Australian cockroach is smaller than the American cockroach.
The Australian cockroach can travel very quickly from room to room and will dart in a zig zag pattern to avoid being caught. Both the male and female Australian cockroaches have equal size wings which enables them to fly for short period of time.
Australian cockroaches prefer to live on the outside of premises but occasionally will come inside to protect itself against the weather. Unlike other species of cockroaches the Australian cockroach prefers organic matter only such as leaves, decaying matter, flowers and plants.
The female Australian cockroach lays their eggs in an egg which is called an ootheca. Australian Cockroach nymphs will hatch out as smaller versions of the adult Australian cockroach after an incubation period of 40 days. The female Australian Cockroach can live up to 9 months. An infestation of the Australian cockroach can rapidly expand in ideal conditions.
Did you know that the Australian cockroach has brilliant hearing, this is due to their ears being on all 6 knees joints.
If you have an infestation of Australian cockroaches call Redline Pest Control on 0426 002 007 to organise for a highly qualified technician to come out and eradicate the infestation you have.

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