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Commercial bird shooting Sydney

Commercial bird shooting Sydney


Commercial bird shooting Sydney
Commercial bird shooting Sydney


Commercial bird shooting Sydney


Are pest birds becoming an issue in your workplace? Are they defecating all over stock and making the floors slippery with their poop? Then Redline Pest Control has the right solution for your problem birds.


George our senior technician is a professional marksman and highly trained by the best in the industry.


With over 20 years of knowledge in both culling of birds and firearm use, he is an exceptional marksman.


We have worked closely with some big companies to keep problematic pigeons from ruining their structures and stock.


Did you know that having a pigeon infestation can-


  • the poo from problematic birds corrodes metal
  • Causes slippery floors
  • Causes health issues for employees and visitors
  • Has many transmissible pathogen’s
  • Eyesore from poop
  • Lice/mite infestation


Removing problematic pigeons is a must as pigeons can cost into the thousands to fix their damage, cost you production time due to spoiled stock, machinery breaking down and a big health hazard to you, your employees, and visitors.


What are you waiting for? Don’t wait for them to come into breeding season as the chicks that are born there will always come back to mate and start a whole new outbreak of feral pigeons which then will cost you more money in the long run.


Why are the advantages over commercial bird shooting Sydney over proofing for birds.


  • HUMANE way of getting rid of unwanted pigeons
  • Cost effective
  • Once they are gone, they won’t be back
  • Recommend by governing local entities as an approved method of getting rid of pigeons


We work closely with our clients to ensure safe measures are taken out when conducting professional bird shooting Sydney.


What are the steps taken when you require professional bird shooting Sydney?


One of our friendly technicians will come out to your workplace and assess the issue at hand.


The technician will come back to our office and gives one of our friendly customer service agents your quote to send over to you.


Once you accept the quote, we then set up a time usually just before first light in the morning.


We contact the local police and advise them that we will be carrying out bird culling and send our details to the sergeant of that police station, so they don’t waste precious police resources.


Our technician will meet you on site for you to open your workplace, once you have opened the workplace up and taken our technician to the area of concern you are to leave the site then bird culling will take place. Once finished the technician will call you to come and close your workplace.


We remove all birds that are retrieved so there will be no mess left behind.


We have time slots for our bird shooting, generally anywhere from two to four hours.


Call Redline Pest Control today for your free no obligation quote 0426 002 007


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Professional bird culling Sydney

Birds solar panels proof today


Professional bird culling Sydney

Professional bird culling Sydney


Professional bird culling Sydney
Professional bird culling Sydney


One in four commercial buildings will have an issue with birds entering and creating havoc by defecating and destroying stock which can be increasingly frustrating especially when stock has been destroyed.


Pigeons generally live anywhere from 3-5 years and can reproduce from a young age of 6 months and can hatch up to 4 times a year leaving you with an infestation of pigeons.


Pigeons are the common dominator when it comes to birds flying around your commercial premises.

There are many factors why bird culling would benefit your company.


  • Sometimes bird proofing can run into the thousands depending how big your commercial property is
  • Humanly kills pigeons
  • Pigeons tend to come back if they have been born there when it is mating season

Why professional bird culling Sydney is a must for your commercial premises?


Unfortunately, pigeons can carry several transmissible diseases which can make you really seek all it can even cause death in some cases. When pigeons poo, it can cause the spread of diseases through us humans by inhaling the dried droppings which has bacteria and fungus sides that is not good for our respiratory system.


Redline Pest Control offers bird management by having bird culling programs set out over a few times per year for the population to reduce or be non-existent.

What are some businesses that are impacted by feral pigeons?


  • Warehousing and factories
  • Schools and preschools
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Food storage facilities
  • Office buildings

Pigeons are problematic and can develop issues for staff and the structure of a commercial building.


  • Creates a slippery surface for your staff
  • Pigeon poo can corrode metal surfaces
  • Pigeon poo can spread diseases therefore creating a health hazard
  • Contamination of your stock
  • Eyesore from pigeon poo
  • Pigeons carry lice and mites
  • Blocking guttering systems



We are fortunate that George is fully qualified and has the relevant licenses to carry out bird culling to your commercial premises.


We follow all safety rules when handling a firearm on your premises.


We need to notify the local police station on all bird culling activities, so they have a record of us being there and not wasting police resources if a member of the public sees the firearm or hears a gun shot.


George our professional marksman uses a .177 caliber air rifle which allows for the power to be controlled to suit your commercial premises.


We carryout bird culling either at night or at first light in the morning to catch those pesky birds off guard.


Unfortunately, when carrying out bird culling no one can be onsite as set out by the rules and regulation of handling a firearm.


I know to some; this may be cool to watch but rules are rules, and we must follow them to maintain our firearm licenses.


Professional bird culling Sydney can and will only be carried out only if it is safe to do so.


Call Redline Pest Control today for your free no obligation quote.

Bird Proofing 

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Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing

Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing
Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing


Solar panel pigeon proofing protect your biggest investment with solar panel pigeon proofing


Do you have solar panels on your roof? Are you tired of being woken up by these pesky pigeons nesting under your solar panels? Do you feel like your solar panels are constantly running less efficient or breaking down and needing repair?


Pigeons cause damage by defecating, feathers, secretions, and nesting debris both on top and underneath your solar panels?


Now is the time to install Solar Bird Proofing to your solar panels.


Let’s face it, these days it is worth investing in a solar panel system to help slow down climate control but what happens when nature and being efficient clash together, you get pigeons moving in underneath your solar panels creating a mess and destroying your solar panels.


Redline Pest Control is fully qualified and insured to install solar skirts to your solar panels, making them run more efficiently.


Once we install bird skirts around your solar panels you will notice that the pigeons will stick around for while but this is normal as they are use to roosting underneath your solar panels. Depending on how long you have had the issue with the pigeons depends on how quick they go in search for a new home.


Say for instance, you have pigeons for a few weeks, it could take a few weeks for them to actually leave your roof, if you have for a few months, it can take a few months for them to leave.


Peace of mind though, they will not be able to enter underneath the solar panels once it has been proofed.


Did you know that the accumulation of pigeon poo may also cause premature failure of the wiring system as it corrodes and results in regular repairs and replacement of parts of your solar system.


Birds love being at high points and with the anchors used for your solar panel system makes it an ideal anchor point for nesting pigeons.


Unfortunately, As pigeon numbers grow under your solar panels, you will see that there is an increase of wear and tear on your solar panel system along with a reduction in solar efficiency.


Why is Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing a Necessity?


With more people installing solar panels in Australia and pigeons finding their new nesting spot, it creates an abundance of shelter for these pesky birds and reducing the efficiency of the solar panel system.


Solar panel systems are designed to last for roughly 30 years providing you keep up with the maintenance guidelines that is set out from the manufacture.


Regular cleaning under your solar panels is vital as bird droppings can not be blown in the wind like dust and most debris especially if you have a build-up of pigeon poo.



Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing your solar panels


  • By proofing your solar panels, you are considerably reducing solar panel upkeep by preventing pigeons from nesting underneath your solar panels which can drastically reduce the amount of pigeon poo landing under your solar panels.


  • Will improve your solar panel system more efficiency and have better longevity by providing an effective pigeon barrier against debris which can affect your solar panel efficiency.


  • You need to keep your solar panel anchoring system in optimal condition as pigeon poo not only stain but is also highly corrosive which can cause serious damage to both your solar panels and anchoring system.


  • Reducing the transmission of various infectious disease transmitted by birds via their droppings, feathers, and secretions.


Why Choose Solar panel pigeon Proofing Sydney?


When we install our solar panel skirts system, you can rest assure that it is of high-grade stainless-steel that is PVC coated and features a high UV rating.


Redline Pest Control has the best solution for solar panel pigeon proofing and can withstand the harsh Australian weather conditions.


Redline Pest Control is proud to say with a long list of satisfied clients we stand by our product and its ability to reduce the number of pigeons which roost under your solar panels.


Fortunately, with a correctly installed pigeon proofing system in place, you will enjoy optimal efficiency and therefore helping you save money.


We provide a five-year workmanship guarantee with the installation of solar skirts around your solar panels.


Call or email us today for your free no obligation quote.

0426 002 007 or

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Prepare your home for a Termite inspection Sydney

Prepare your home for a Termite inspection Sydney! 
Prepare your home for a Termite inspection Sydney!

Prepare your home for a Termite inspection Sydney! 

Here in Australia, we are highly susceptible at one point in time for our homes to be hit by termites and termites causing havoc with the timber structures. 

Termites are destructive insects and will cause damage and you will not realise until it is too late. 

Even though termites may look like ants they are not related but are a close relative of the cockroach, weird hu! 

We have a client Mary who is elderly and no longer could keep up with the maintenance of her home due to poor health and age. In Mary’s spare room where she stored items that did not have a place, she noticed what she said to be a dirt mound which was a termite nest growing up from her subfloor onto the wall. Mary hired a cleaner who in fact knew that this was not just dirt but a termite nest.  

Mary’s cleaner organised for us to go out and perform a termite inspection on her property so we could ascertain the level of infestation of active termites where we then set a termite baiting system so we could get a colony elimination, once we got a colony elimination we then set up a termite prevention barrier so Mary’s home would be protected against future attacks from termites as they glide into homes that has been previously hit by termites using pheromones left by termites. 

What can you do to help Prepare your home for a Termite inspection Sydney!

Prepare your home for a Termite inspection Sydney! 

With life being so busy we have the tendency to hoard or store unwanted item that we no longer use or need. What we recommend is to go through each room and declutter what you do not need and get rid of them. Having clutter can hide visual damage from termites that you would see if there was no clutter in your home. 

On the outside remove any unwanted vegetation that may have built up due to lack of gardening maintenance. Any overgrown bushes, trees and shrubs should also be trimmed right back. 

We suggest that you make all walls internal and external visible so your technician can have a clear view of where he needs to use his machinery to ascertain if there is any termite activity behind the walls. 

Make sure there is clear access in your roof void or subfloor for your technician to move around freely. 

Is termite inspection important? 

Termite inspections are important, and you really should be proactive in making sure you have one every six months if you are in a bushy area and every twelve months in a built-up area. 

This ensures that if any termites have started building a colony in your humble abode that you have taken the correct measures to eliminate them before any considerable damage has taken place. 

You would not skip your home insurance so why would you risk your biggest asset from being hit by termites and causing structural damage that could see your home either being knocked down or have some serious unwanted renovations. 

By taking that first step and calling Redline Pest Control you are one step further from having peace of mind that there is no termite colony in your humble abode. 

Redline Pest Control provides you with a full comprehensive termite report that will outline any issues with your property such as leaky taps, damaged water overflow pipes, vegetation that could attract termites and much more not to mention if there are any active termites. 

Prepare your home for a Termite inspection Sydney! 

Our phone number is 0426 002 007 so what are you waiting for? Call us today for your own peace of mind and sanity. 


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Is pest control necessary in schools or daycare? 


Is pest control necessary in schools or daycare? 
Is pest control necessary in schools or daycare?


Is pest control necessary in schools or daycare? 


Here in Australia, schools and daycares are expected to uphold pest control to maintain a safe environment to all kids that attend their facilities. 

Pest especially love schools and daycares as there is always scraps and crumbs that have been left behind from kids when they eat. 

As you can imagine pests, rodents and birds can become an issue when there is a food source and making it harder for the facilitators to gain control of any infestations that may occur. 

Redline Pest Control can provide your school or daycare with the professional assistance to maintain pest activity and infestations as we have a proven method that will not only help reduce the infestation but help manage the threshold of everyday pes, rodents, and birds.  

Is pest control necessary in schools or daycare? 


Children in schools and daycare centers are more vulnerable and having pest activity can flare up any health issues or cause them to be sick from the pest poop and debris. 

Parents have trust that each school and daycare will carry out any necessary pest control to keep their children safe. 


Why should you hire Redline Pest Control for pest control in your school or daycare? 


Here at Redline Pest Control, we are a family-owned pest control company who sets out to deliver a cost-effective proven pest control that will leave your establishment with a pest free environment. 

We have been around for over ten years and have built relationships with our clients by maintaining a trustable service that is affective across all pest control services and industries. 


How does a pest infestation take place in your school or daycare? 


Unfortunately, no home or business is immune from getting pests in their building, so it is vital to be educated on the first signs of pests that have gained entry to the building. Is pest control necessary in schools or daycare? 


Pests can come for a variety of reasons such as: 


  • Surrounding elements such as bushy areas 
  • Children dropping food and or crumbs and not cleaning up 
  • Rubbish has not been taken out or stored correctly 
  • Renovations from surrounding buildings 
  • Weather and that time of the year that they breed 
  • Bought in by boxes, children who have an infestation at home 
  • Suppliers may have an issue in their warehouse 
  • Sanitation is not up to scratch 


By calling Redline Pest Control, you will be able to speak with a real customer service agent who will be able to provide you with expertise friendly advice on what and how to prevent pest from gaining entry to your school or childcare facility. 

02 9920 0790 or 0426 002 007 


Pest Control schools – Get a head of the class!

Pest control childcare industry!

Solar panel proofing Liverpool

Solar panel proofing Liverpool 


Solar panel proofing Liverpool 
Solar panel proofing Liverpool


Is your home one of many affected by birds evading your solar panels and making them less efficient?  Solar panel proofing Liverpool customers have one of the highest rate of pigeons nesting underneath their solar panels.


Pigeons can be very problematic with them pooping everywhere and being an eyesore to disbursing bird lice/mites causing you to be itchy. 


Here at Redline Pest Control, we have the right solution to solar panel proof your solar panels.  


Each technician is highly trained, friendly, and efficient which we will guarantee that your pigeon problem will be solved with the installation of the solar panel proofing system. 


We understand what your needs and wants are, solar panel proofing Liverpool customers wants a reliable and cost-effective service, you want warranty, we have a five-year workmanship warranty with all our solar panel proofing Liverpool customers. 


Did you know that it is the female pigeons that set up their nesting to raise the chicks underneath the solar panels while the trust male pigeon will keep an eye out for any predators. 


Solar panel proofing Liverpool why do you need to protect your solar panels? 


There are many reasons why we encourage our customers to proof their solar panels. 


  • Pigeon poop can be an eyesore when seen from street view 
  • Can erode paint, aluminum, vehicles, fittings and much more 
  • Can carry bird lice/mites 
  • Can spread diseases that can affect us 
  • Can cause electrical to short circuit  
  • Has an impact on drainage systems and guttering from their poop 


What are some of the reasons why our customers prefer to use our services? 


  • We get the job done first time around 
  • Flexibility 
  • Trustworthy and honest 
  • Been in the industry for over 10 years 
  • Fully qualified 


How does solar panel proofing Liverpool work? 


Firstly, your friendly bird technician will go up on your roof and remove all nesting debris and any live birds from underneath your solar panels, then will install custom built bird mesh using a clipping system, the clipping system is for two reasons, first so we do not void your warranty and cause a fire, second is it is easy to unclip for any maintenance that may need to be carried out. 


Do you have any questions or would like to book one of our friendly bird technicians to solar panel proof your humble abode or workspace? 


Interested in learning more about bird proofing. then click on the links below.


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Solar panel proofing Greater Western Sydney

Solar panel proofing Greater Western Sydney


Solar panel proofing Greater Western Sydney
Solar panel proofing Greater Western Sydney

Have you noticed an increase in pigeons nesting underneath your solar panels and defecating all over your roof and windows?


Redline Pest Control has the right solution for all your bird problems.


Each technician is highly trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of solar panel proofing Greater Western Sydney area.


Redline Pest Control we will remove all live birds, nesting materials and leaf debris before installing a robust galvanised solar mesh to your solar panels.


We don’t drill or use any adhesives to stick on your solar panel mesh, we use a clipping system that way we don’t void your warranty, cause a fire and easy to unclip for maintenance.


Did you know that not only do we get rid of your bird issues, but we also provide a five-year workmanship warranty for Solar panel proofing Greater Western Sydney?


Not only are birds an eyesore but they can spread harmful disease and respiratory illnesses which can either make you very sick or can potentially death if not treated in time.


When we Solar panel proof your solar panels, depending on how long you have had the issues the birds may stick around for a short period of time until they realise that they can no longer gain entry underneath the solar panels. Once they realise that they can’t gain entry underneath they usually will fly off in search for a new home. If you have had the bird issue under your solar panels for a long period of time you can expect the birds to stick around for a few weeks to a few months.


What are you waiting for? call us today for your free no obligation quote on 9920 0790 or 0426 002 007.


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Outstanding Pest Control in Blue Mountains

Outstanding Pest Control in Blue Mountains


Outstanding Pest Control in Blue Mountains
Outstanding Pest Control in Blue Mountains




There is no doubt that almost every home and commercial properties here in Sydney will have a pest infestation at some point in time.


We often hear that our clients try to tackle the pest issue before calling a professional pest controller.


Some pest you can get rid of quite easy without a professional but for some other pests it can be quite frustrating.


Redline Pest Control only employs pest technicians who are fully licenced and qualified to carry out safe and effective pest control to homes and commercial premises.


By maintaining pests and their infestations you are putting you and your family first.


Unfortunately, some pests bring bacteria and diseases and can make us seriously sick or if untreated can in time cause death.

Outstanding Pest Control in Blue Mountains


Redline Pest Control uses nontoxic, human and environmentally friendly pesticides that when applied correctly will leave your home Pest Free from pests.


The types of pests that is invading Blue Mountains:

  • Ants
  • Bed Bugs
  • Bees
  • Bird Mites
  • Birds
  • Carpet Beetles
  • Creamy colour crickets
  • German Cockroaches
  • Ground dwelling spiders
  • Large cockroaches
  • Rodents
  • Silverfish
  • Termites
  • Wasps
  • Webbing spiders

Outstanding Pest Control in Blue Mountains customers knows our worth and keep coming back!


Both residential and commercial clients know that with each pest treatment we carryout on their premises will be highly effective and that we go above and beyond to satisfy our clients needs and wants in all pest related infestations.


We are grateful that our clients have trust in each pest treatment that we carry out.

Redline Pest Control promises:

  • Provide a prompt and reliable services
  • 100% customer-satisfaction guarantee for each pest service
  • Cost-effective services
  • Non-toxic and environment-friendly pesticides will only ever be used on our client’s premises
  • Meticulous approach
  • Effective Pest Control
  • Use latest detection equipment
  • Have certified and industry-trained pest technicians
  • Customised & personalised services for each of our clients
  • Service reports for commercial clients
  • No hidden charges

Outstanding Pest Control in Blue Mountains


By carrying out regular pest treatments on your premises you are not only protecting your family but you are reducing the risk of infestations of pests occurring and therefore living in a pest free environment for you and your loved ones.


Why delay, call Redline Pest Control today for your free no obligation quote on 9920 0790 or 0426 002 007.


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Autumn pest control what you need to know!

Autumn pest control what you need to know!


Autumn pest control what you need to know!
Autumn pest control what you need to know!


With autumn just a few days away what does that mean for pests entering your humble abode and how can you reduce the risk of pests entering your home?


Now is the time to protect your home with a long-lasting pest preventative treatment to keep those pesky pests away.


With pest it can be some time that you notice that there is an infestation as we slide into the cooler months pest to are looking for a nice warm spot to call their home and unfortunately that means our home is now theirs if we don’t get on top of it now.


Redline Pest Control always recommends our clients to go in and around their homes and look out for any gaping holes, cracks and crevices and seal them up, so pests have a much harder time entering your home.


Any over hanging branches will need to be cut so pests such as roof rats won’t be able to make your roof void their playground.


Autumns common pests!


When we think about pests we often think pests only come in the warmer months but in reality that is not true as pests are looking for shelter so they survive the cooler months and what is most annoying thing is that it is our homes that pests love to enter.


  • German cockroaches
  • Rodents – rats or mice
  • Termites
  • Spiders
  • Ants
  • Bed bugs
  • Birds

Where do pests love to live?


  • Termites – love to feast on wooden structures in and around your home
  • Garages
  • Roof voids
  • Subfloors
  • Pipes and drains
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Storage rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Bin areas
  • Clutter and boxes

Prevention is better than cure!


Redline Pest Control recommends preventative pest control to our clients which means get on top of it before it gets on top of you.


Kill pests before they get a chance to breed, therefore making infestations harder to get a hold of.


After your pest treatment has been carried out, what will happen and what should you do?


We often get calls from our clients stating that they are still seeing some pest activity after two weeks.


This is perfectly normal as we use a slow release chemical that allows the pests to come in contact with the chemical but once they do the chemical will attack their nervous system and they will die off, we ask our clients to wait six weeks and if they are still seeing an influx of pests then to give us a quick call where we can discuss what would be the next step to take.


For spider treatments we will advise you to leave the webs there for roughly seven days then knock the webs down that way we know that we are getting a hold of the spiders as they love to hide when a treatment has been carried out.


With ants they will need to take the chemical back to the nest so the queen can digest the bait once this happens you will notice that that they will die off but then spew out as the queen has died and there is no queen to give them signals to forage for food or defend their colony. Once they spew out and come in contact with the chemical they will die.


Autumn pest control what you need to know! click on the links below for further reading on all pest related topics.



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Kicking roof rats to the curb Blue Mountains

Kicking roof rats to the curb Blue Mountains


kicking roof rats to the curb Blue Mountains
kicking roof rats to the curb Blue Mountains


Roof rats are becoming an increasing problem here in the Blue Mountains over the past several years or so.


Rodents are prone to seek shelter during the cooler months of the year and will cause havoc by causing them to invade your humble abode and bring their viruses and diseases with them which can make you very sick.


Here at Redline Pest Control we can keep your home a rat-free zone by kicking roof rats to the curb Blue Mountains, we will customise a specialised rodent package for you and your humble abode.


Redline Pest Control will be kicking roof rats to the curb Blue Mountains!


A good way to help reduce or prevent roof rats from making their home your home is to go around regularly and check for any damage or possible entry points and proof them to avoid the dreaded roof rat from settling in and creating a family within your four walls.


Trim away all-over hanging branches from overgrown trees that is hanging close or over your roof.


Make sure you that you dispose of any food matter or water sources as rodents love a good feed and drink when the night has settled.


If you pet has finished their food and water for the night remove their bowls so that there is no food or water for rodents.


Did you know that rodents love veggies, fruit and nut trees like we do, it is like an open buffet feast for these pesky rodents?


What are some signs that you may notice when having a rodent issue in your home?


  • Look for rodent droppings in and around your home
  • Gnawing or scratching noises coming from the roof or walls
  • Damage of electrical wiring
  • Grease marks on their run paths
  • Pets being agitated or stressed
  • Rodents make squeaking noises
  • Containers and bags eaten through if there is a food source
  • Dropping and urine smell


If you suspect that you have rodents, please don’t try and handle it on your own as that can cost you more in the long run.


Call Redline Pest Control today on 9920 0790 or 0426 002 007 for a free no obligation quote on how Redline Pest Control will be kicking roof rats to the curb Blue Mountains.


Our rodent treatments come with a six-month warranty for your peace of mind.


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