Bed Bug Fact


Bed Bug Fact
Bed Bug Fact

Bed Bugs do not carry diseases but they do feed on humans and pets often leaving rashes, welts, bites and can keep you awake at night as they love to feed on their blood host at night
Bed bugs can survive around 600 days without a blood meal
Bed bugs can have over 10,000 offspring in 3 months
The total life span of a Bed Bug is roughly 1 year
Bed Bugs are very difficult to eradicate once an infestation occurs, this is due to them being able to hide in nooks and crannies
Bed Bugs lay up to five eggs day, and around 500 eggs during their lifespan and once the eggs hatch they turn into larvae and will mature into an adult Bed Bug about 2 months
Bed Bugs are not biases to the bedroom as they can travel to other parts of your home.


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