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Bed bugs


Bed bugs (Cimexlectularius) are a small, flat, wingless parasite which is found all over the world. They are a nocturnal parasite, which means they will feed on their blood host at night and will sleep all day. In rare occasions Bed bugs can feed on a blood host in the day if they have not had a blood meal the night before.

Bed bug infestations are usually around or near bedding areas as it is close to where their blood meals are. Bed bugs usually hide around the mattress area, cracks and crevices, cupboards, behind wall paper, dressing tables, behind power points and paintings. Bed bugs can be known to travel over 100 feet at night to get to a blood meal.

Bed bugs will feed on their host from 2 to 5 minutes or until they feel full. Once having a blood meal the Bed bugs will use this to grow and reproduce.

Bed bugs have sharp mouth parts that can pierce their victims skin. Bed bugs have a painless bite but can become itchy and swell into reddish bite marks.

Once a Bed bug has had a blood meal they will usually turn from a brownish colour to a reddish colour. Bed bugs are roughly half a centimetre long and are flatten oval shape with no wings.

Bed bugs prefer to live on human blood but will feed on animals if there are no humans around. Bed bugs primarily live on blood. Bed bugs mainly bite around the shoulder and arms but can bite in other areas on the body.

Bed bugs are more often found in dwellings which have a high turnover in guest and are usually found in luggage, bedding, clothing and furniture.

What are some of the signs of a Bed bug infestation? Well there are many different signs which could be small blood stains on your mattress or sheets, an odour which can be smelt if the infestation is severe and the Bed bugs themselves.

If you feel that you do have Bed bugs call Redline Pest Control on 9920 0750 or 0426 002 007 to arrange for a fully qualified pest technician to come out and treat the infestation for you. Depending on the level of the infestation repeat visits may be required to ensure that the Bed bugs have been eradicated at all stages of their lifecycle.

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