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Bee Control Sydney - Redline Pest Control
Bee Control Sydney

For most of us we have been stung by Bees at some point in our life and while the sting can leave a nasty little bruise and inflammation for some it can be deadly.

It is important for homeowners not to eradicate Bee’s and their hives as this could potentially make the Bee’s angry and go on the attack.





Bee’s will swarm around September to December when it is warm as this is when there is abundance of pollen and nectar, this is crucial to their reproductive cycle.

The queen bee and other bees from the colony will swarm until they find a suitable nesting site, once the bees have found their nesting site they will establish a new colony.

If you have a swarm of Bees it is important for both your pets and yourself to stay indoors until the Bees have finished swarming, although they will usually not go on the defence and attack they have been known to attack if they feel threatened.

Here at Redline Pest Control we specialise in carefully eradicating Bees with a safe and controlled method.


Bee Control Sydney
Bee Control Sydney


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