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Psocids (pronounced sosids) are microscopic insects that are often referred to as booklice or barklice.

Booklice are roughly 1–10 millimeters (0.04–0.4 in) in length there is over 5,000 species found across the world.

Book lice lay their eggs in crevices or on foliage. Booklice eggs will usually take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to hatch and will reach adulthood within 2 months. Baby booklice are born as miniature versions of the adult. Book lice nymphs will molt six times before reaching adulthood. The lifespan of booklice is roughly 6 months.

Booklice do not feed directly on the paper but on Lichen, algae, organic detritus or microscopic fungi that grows on the paper where the humidity permits.

Booklice can penetrate packaging and contaminate the product in that packaging such as flour.

Warehouse packaging that deals with paper are susceptible to a booklice infestation.

The treatment and prevention of booklice relies on an accurate identification and an understanding of the stored products which is infested. Once you correctly identify the booklice you can than take an effective strategy be tailored to the elimination of the source of the booklice infestation and prevention of the insects entering the affected areas again.


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