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Carpet Beetles


Carpet Beetles known as AnthrenusVerbasci are from theColeoptera family.

Carpet Beetles are very small and have a compact oval body. Carpet Beetles legs and head are not obvious and will often be hidden underneath their body.

There is a variety of species when it comes to Carpet beetles but the species which is common in Australia is The AnthrenocerusAustralis. They are known for their destruction to which they cause. They like to feed on various materials such as clothes, materials, flowers, carpets & rugs, fur, hair, silk, wool, seed grains, meat and much more.

Adult Carpet beetles are usually 5 mm long and will be a brownish colour. After the Carpet Beetle mate the female will go in search for a dark and damp place to lay her eggs which will hatch roughly 28 days, the larvae can feed for up to 9 months. Once reaching adulthood the Carpet Beetle will live up to3 years depending on living conditions.

It is important to always vacuum your rugs and carpet thoroughly especially in those areas which are not often used as Carpet Beetles tend to hide out in these spots.

If you have an infestation of Carpet beetles call Redline Pest Control on 02 9920 0790 or 0426 002 007 to organise for a highly qualified technician to come out and eradicate the infestation you have.

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