Why solar proof your solar panels Sydney

Why solar proof your solar panels Sydney     Birds Nesting Underneath Your Solar Panels, you are finding that your solar panels just don’t work efficiently then call Redline Pest Control today for your free no obligation quote!   The ugliness of birds roosting underneath your solar panels   Bird faeces are corrosive, when birds … Read More

Bird Removal And Proofing Sydney

Bird Removal And Proofing Sydney Redline Pest Control has been servicing homes and businesses across Sydney with bird removal and proofing Sydney. These days there are many ways birds can gain entry to roof voids, causing destruction and spreading diseases when they drop their faeces. Birds carry bird mites/lice which can spread into other areas … Read More

Spiders Western Sydney

Spiders Western Sydney     Spiders are in every household whether we like it or not, some will be seen and some will lurk around your yard unnoticed.   With most people spiders are spiders and they all look the same but in the pest control industry we have two categories for spiders which are … Read More

DIY Methods or Professional Pest Control

DIY Methods or Professional Pest Control     These days with so many products on the market, it is hard not to be tempted to carryout our own pest control on our homes. While sometimes it may work 99% of the time it only kills the pests that you see and not the pest which … Read More

Hotel Pest Control Sydney

Hotel Pest Control Sydney     Sydney has been listed as a popular tourist attraction and with many people coming and going each day the likelihood of certain pest such as bed bugs make there way in to hotels, motels and hostels.   However, bed bugs are not the only pest that you will see … Read More

Pest control retail shops Sydney

  Pest control retail shops Sydney   Pest Control  Retail Shops Sydney look no further, Redline Pest Control is here to save the day against all pest issues that have taken up residence in your place of business! Do you need reliable pest control for your retail space, German cockroaches, spiders or other nasty pest … Read More

Solar proof solar panels

Solar proof solar panels today     Solar proof solar panels today   Redline Pest Control knows that no two homes are the same and we will custom tailor a suitable bird proofing package for your solar panels.   Unfortunately for us homeowners when installing our solar panels, birds will find the solar panels the … Read More

Redback Spiders Western Sydney

Redback Spiders  Western Sydney     Redback spiders also known as Latrodectus Hasselti come from the family of Theridiidae and is a native spider here in Australia. Unfortunately, Redback Spiders Western Sydney is known to pack a punch of a bite if bitten and their venom has the capabilities to kill a human if not … Read More

Summer Pest Control Sydney

Summer Pest Control Sydney     With all this beautiful weather that we are having here in Sydney we are having an influx of calls from residents here in Sydney that they are seeing heaps of pests in and around their homes.   Summer Pest Control Sydney is an ideal breeding playground for nasty unwanted … Read More