Commercial Hygiene & Pest Management

Commercial Hygiene & Pest Management     Last night was my first night out with one of our technicians to do pest control on a commercial take away food shop in the city.   Needless to say that I was appalled by what I had seen in this tiny take away shop.   There was … Read More

how to get rid of Indianmeal Moth / Pantry Moths

So you have discovered that you have Pantry Moths in your kitchen, now what can you do to eradicate them.   Here is some instructions on how to eradicate them on your own without having to call a pest control company to come out and provide you with a treatment.   Any reputable pest control … Read More

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean Termites     Subterranean Termites will be found underground, at base of trees and tree stumps, poles, under patios and in your sub-floor cavities, beneath bathrooms, roof voids and timber between your wall cavities.   Arboreal nest are found high up in trees with the queen usually at the top of the nest. Subterranean … Read More

Spiders in school girl’s banana.

  Spiders in school girl’s banana     Spiders in school girl’s banana.   For one girl in the United Kingdom reaching for a healthy snack like a banana could have taken a turn for the worse.   Hannah John took a banana to school to eat for morning tea and noticed that there was … Read More

What is the Integrated Pest Management and how can you implement this system in your home.

Integrated Pest Management       Redline Pest Control listens to what your needs are and finds an appropriate action plan to eliminate the source of any pest that is in your home or business by using the integrated pest management approach for prevention, treatment and eradication of any pests which are in your home … Read More

Why is important to have regular pest treatments on your home.

      Pest Treatments Sydney While it can be daunting to people who have never had a pest treatment done getting a pest treatment on your home is vitally important. I came across an article of an elderly woman who lived alone in a 5 bedroom home and hardly ever went in to her … Read More