Why is important to have regular pest treatments on your home.

      Pest Treatments Sydney While it can be daunting to people who have never had a pest treatment done getting a pest treatment on your home is vitally important. I came across an article of an elderly woman who lived alone in a 5 bedroom home and hardly ever went in to her … Read More

Bed Bug Fact

  Bed Bugs do not carry diseases but they do feed on humans and pets often leaving rashes, welts, bites and can keep you awake at night as they love to feed on their blood host at night Bed bugs can survive around 600 days without a blood meal Bed bugs can have over 10,000 … Read More

Rodents facts

  Did you know that rats that get into your kitchen pantry can squeeze through a crack or hole the size of a 10C coin. Rats can go without water for long periods of time, in fact it can go without water longer than a camel would. In a small environment rodents can produce hundreds … Read More