Factory pest control sydney

Factory pest control Sydney     Whether your factory is small or large Redline Pest Control will customise a pest service which implements IPM (integrated pest management) that has been tailored to your pest requirements. First step is calling us on (02) 9920 0790 or 0426 002 007 and making an appointment with one of … Read More

Termite Control – FAQs

Termite Control – FAQs     Termites are one among the most significant threats for you, if you are a homeowner. They affect the overall integrity of your home. These cellulose loving critters burrow themselves into unnoticed structures like the walls, foundation, and flooring of your house. Dealing with termite infestation is a big frustration … Read More

Get Rid Of Drain Flies In Your Home!

Get Rid Of Drain Flies In Your Home!     Are you seeing small flies hovering around your drains or stagnated water? Good chances are these pesky insects are drain flies. Drain flies are also known as moth flies, sewer gnats, moth flies and come from the family of Psychodidae. Sometimes the drain fly can … Read More

Pre-purchase timber pest inspection Sydney

Pre-purchase timber pest inspection Sydney   We all know that when you are buying a home it can be quite daunting, our minds keep racing, what if this home has termites or structural damage. With all the excitement there can be confusion too. A lot of new home buyers are not aware of what needs … Read More

Pest control childcare industry!

Pest control childcare industry!   IPM protecting our kids from pest and pesticides.     What does your childcare centre say about your reputation? A childcare centre is required to sustain a pest-free environment for the children in it has in its care. Unfortunately, common pest such as cockroaches, rodents and ants often find their … Read More

Best Pest Control Supermarkets

Best Pest Control Supermarkets!     When it comes time for pest control in supermarkets, Redline Pest Control knows what the safety and health expectations are when treating supermarkets for pest control.   We don’t just send out a technician to spray here and there, each pest spray is designed to your supermarkets pests and … Read More

Why is Commercial Pest Control Sydney So Important?

Why is Commercial Pest Control Sydney So Important?       Here at Redline Pest Control we understand the importance in building relationships with our commercial clients as we pass on knowledge in how to prevent, to minimise and to eradicate pests from their commercial premises. If you are a business owner, you will know … Read More

Pigeon control Sydney

Pigeon control Sydney         Whether you are residential or a commercial premise there is one pest that we all have at one point or another that will grind our goats and make a huge mess by their faeces.   I am talking about pigeons, these pesky little buggers can not only create … Read More

Indian Myna Birds Sydney Pest Control

Indian Myna Birds Sydney Pest Control     Indian Myna also known by Acridotheres tristis   What do Indian Myna birds look like?   Indian Myna birds are brown with a blackish head. It has a dull and sometimes bright yellow bill, legs, and bare yellow skin behind the eyes. When the Indian Myna is … Read More