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Pest Control Chatswood

Are birds roosting underneath your solar panels at home in Chatswood? Rodents eating the wiring and affecting the efficiency of your solar panels at home in Chatswood? Do you have a build up of leaf materials causing the loss of efficiency of your solar panels at home in Chatswood?

With birds such as pigeons, Indian minors, sparrows, and starlings roosting underneath your solar panels, roof, air-con units, and other affected areas can cause damage or loss in efficiency for your solar panels.

Unfortunately for us our solar panels and roof voids are a perfect breeding ground for birds to come and make their nest for their young. Did you know that a female pigeon will always return to where they hatched to create a nest for their eggs and offspring. Pigeons here in Chatswood and across Australia have a type of cognitive capabilities and maps in their brains that will tell them where they need to go in terms of where they were born.

One of the main reasons these birds are considered a pest is because of the following reasons:

  • Bird lice/mites
  • Bird nesting materials in gutter, solar panels, and roof void
  • Spread of diseases from their faeces
  • Attracts rodents and cockroaches
  • When birds have nest and baby birds these can be noisy in the early morning and at dusk when they are due for a feed
  • Damage with solar panels, timbers, shingles, roof tiles, drain pipes, air-con units, gutters, paint work, bricks, and cause metal to corrode

Bird Proofing Chatswood

Redline Pest Control offers the follow bird proofing methods for Chatswood residents:

  • Solar skirts for solar panels
  • Electric shock track system
  • Stainless steel spikes
  • Avi strand wire
  • Stealth netting
  • Baiting programs
  • Shooting
  • Narcotic baiting

What separates us here at Redline Pest Control from other pest companies here in Chatswood?

  • Fully accredited, licence and have insurance for your peace of mind
  • Qualified technicians
  • No mess, no fuss and, no disturbance to you or any dwellings around you
  • Family owned and operated
  • Always on time
  • Professional, honest, reliable service every time
  • We listen to what your concerns are, and tailor make each pest service according to your needs


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