Commercial Pest Control Sydney


Commercial Pest Control Sydney
Commercial Pest Control Sydney


Commercial Pest Control Sydney


As a business owner we all know the stress that comes with owing a business.


The last thing that is on our minds after a 15 hour day is pest and the havoc that they can cause.


In an ideal world we would love for pests to disappear rather than multiply.


What is our responsibility when it comes to pest control in a food premises?


As soon as you see any pest in your food business you must always contact a trusted pest controller who will provide you with not only a pest service which eliminates pest but also provides an appropriate pest management program.


It is by Australian standards that anyone in the food sector is to not only be trained in safe food handling but also must be on a pest management program which controls the threshold level of pests that enter your premises.


So you have this beautiful restaurant with beautiful food in a great part town but one thing is lurking over your head. The dreaded rat runs over your customers table with a loud screech there is sudden uproar in your restaurant with customers all scrambling around in panic.


Not only are you going to suffer from income loss from customers not dining at your restaurant but you could potentially unintentionally poison your customers from the faeces and urine that rats and cockroaches leave behind.


These days the council is pretty much going to each and every food premises often surprising food business owners with inspections for pest and cleanliness. If you are one of these food premises you could leave yourself wide open for hefty fines, prosecution and being place on the NSW Food Authority Website where everyone has access to see anyone who has been fined.


Food operators must also know that going with the cheapest quote will not always mean that your pest issues will be handled correctly and efficiently.


Commercial Pest Control Sydney


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