Commercial Pest Control Sydney


Commercial Pest Control Sydney
Commercial Pest Control Sydney


We all love getting with our friends sharing laughs while we dine at our favourite places to eat whether it is the local restaurant, pub, take away that swanky upmarket bar.


Do we really know what is lurking behind the doors of these places that we frequent?


Are you a business owner and finding it difficult to gain control over pest which are lurking around like they own the joint?


Redline Pest Control deals with all pests regardless if they are big or small and will find a solution which is suited to the needs of your food premises.


What sets Redline Pest Control apart from other pest control companies?


Redline Pest Control uses the Integrated Pest Management.


What is the Integrated Pest Management?


The Integrated Pest Management is a system that Redline Pest Control uses in order to carry out and maintain a pest free business.


The Integrated Pest Management method consists of 5 basic steps that each technician will carry out at your appointment and they are:


  1. Inspection – A thorough inspection of your business premises will be conducted even in those areas which don’t have any pest issues.
  2. Identification – Will correctly identify any pests which are lurking around in your business.
  3. Threshold Levels – To establish the threshold levels of all pests which are in your business.
  4. Control Measures – To control and manage all pests which are in your business.
  5. Evaluation – Each technician will evaluate the effectiveness of our service which we have applied  to your business to make sure that we have eradicated and eliminate all pests which are in your business.


So let’s take a minute to talk about what can happen if you do not have any pest maintenance programs in place.


I have a client who has a chain of restaurants who thought he could tackle a cockroach and rodent problem on his own. He would place baits and spray the restaurants before he closed for the night just using everyday fly spray that you get over the counter at your local grocery shop.


While at first that may of provided temporary relief it wasn’t getting rid of the pest issue.


It wasn’t until the council came into one of his restaurants and fined him for fail to take practicable measures to eradicate and prevent the harbourage of pests that he realised that he needed help in eradicating the rodents and cockroaches.


It is vital for anyone who has a food business to always have a pest management service in place and to always maintain that pest maintenance service to avoid pest from entering your food business.


Other than copping a fine from the council what else can go wrong if pest are not eradicated?


You definitely don’t want your customers to fall sick or die eating your food. Yes, I know you are probably thinking she is so dramatic as if anyone is going to get sick or die from eating our food but trust me it does happen.


With pest comes diseases and with diseases comes sickness and in some cases death.


Cockroaches, rodents and other pest will always contaminate food, prepping stations, utensils, pots and pans by running over it or soiling it with their waste.


Once being fined from the council they will give your company details to the NSW Food Authority and they will then place your details on their name and shame section on their website.


You’re on the name and shame so what, what could go wrong? Its only a website. Nobody checks it.


Well you are wrong, many people have subscribed to the name and shame and will check it to see if their favourite restaurant is listed on there for any issues before heading out.


Once being placed on the register every potential customer will be able to see what it is exactly that you have been fined for and when you were fined.


Loss of reputation could ruin your business.


Word of mouth resulting in a loss of business resulting in you closing your doors for good.



Commercial Pest Control Sydney
Commercial Pest Control Sydney



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