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Now we all know that having a cockroach or rodent problem is taboo and no one likes to even think that their business could even have such pest but unfortunately sometimes issues can arise and before you know it you could have a pest infestation.

Redline Pest Control will implement a management system to eradicate & prevent an outbreak in your place of business.

There are many reported cases of food poisoning in Australia due to the business owner’s lack of knowledge of hygiene and noticing when a pest infestation starts.

Both Local and National Governments have taken an interest in the food industry as hygiene has become a massive issue within the food industry. These bodies conduct unscheduled health inspections and if found to fail one of their inspections due to poor hygiene or pest issues you will be placed on a register which is on the Food Authority website. Once being placed on the register your fine and the reason for your fine will be open for the general public to see and may affect future customers coming to your business and in turn can lead to income loss or even worse the shutdown of your business.

All pest carry diseases of some sort and once you have an infestation and the pest are running over bench tops, cutlery and contaminating food you will be putting your customers health at risk.

Pest Management for Commercials

Let’s face it no one wants to see or hear of a pest infestation in their premises but it is a duty to your customers that you take the steps to ensure that there is no pest infestation at your premises as pests can carry diseases such as bacteria, salmonella and other viruses which can come in direct contact with food, utensils and food related areas.

You don’t want your customer to experience gastroenteritis, food poisoning, hepatitis and death.
Redline Pest Control can implement a Management System which can eradicate and prevent a pest infestation at your place of business.

Here in Australia there has been reported a large amount of cases of food poisoning due to business owners not having a thorough system in place to prevent the harbourage of pest.

We have now seen a large interest from Local Governments conducting unscheduled inspections at Restaurants and Cafes. If you fail one of these inspections you can face not only being fined and going to court but you can also be put on the National Food Authority website which can be viewed at any time by any person who has access to the internet which can result in loss of business or the closing of your business.

If a customer is sitting there in your premises and a rodent runs past them or a cockroach scurries over their table what would they do? These days’ people take to social media advising all their friends not to go to your premises as it is a breeding ground for pest, they then get their friends to share the status and before you know it a whole community has seen that post relating to your premises and what that customer has seen running around.

•From a business point of view
•Loss of customers
•A visit from the health inspector
•Failure to comply with OH&S legislation.

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