Dragonflies Sydney

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What is a dragonfly and are they dangerous?


Dragonflies are an insect which belongs to the family of Odonata suborder Anisoptera.  Dragonflies have elongated bodies with two very strong transparent wings with multifaceted eyes. Dragonflies can range in all sorts of colours.


Dragonflies are not dangerous at all even though they eat the prey they catch.


Dragonflies a voracious eaters and will continue eating if there is a flow in food.




If you mishandle dragonflies they can turn around and leave a nasty bite but the bite will not inject any poison which is harmful to humans.


Dragonflies have impeccable sight just like flies do. Dragonflies have multifaceted eyes with over 30,000 individual facets and each facets creates their own image which is very fascinating if you really think about it.


Unlike most other insects dragonflies do not court their mates. The male dragonfly will forcefully mate with the female dragonfly and even though the male has male anatomy he doesn’t actually use that instead injecting his semen via his segment at the end of his body.




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