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Flea Control Sydney - Redline Pest Control
Flea Control Sydney

Fleas are also known as Ctenocephalidesfelis, Ctenocephalidescanis and will feed on the blood of animals and humans.
They are a wingless insect with their mouth having sharp points which pierce the skin for them to feed on their prey.
Fleas are a brownish to reddish colour and their legs are long which helps the flea to jump up to 7 inches vertically and 13 inches horizontally.
Did you know that Fleas are hard to kill when pressing on their bodies, this is due to their bodies being able to withhold pressure.
Fleas are holometabolus insects and will go through a life cycle of 4 stages which consist on the egg, larvae, pupa and the adult.
Adult fleas need to feed on their host before they can reproduce.

The female flea will lay her eggs after feeding and will usually lay around 20 eggs, the eggs can take up to 2 weeks to hatch.


The flea larvae will feed on vegetable material, feces and dead insects. The Larvae are born blind and will stick to dark areas such as cracks and crevices and bedding.


Once they have an adequate amount of food the larvae will weave a cocoon and after 2 weeks the flea will develop into an adult flea and will emerge from its cocoon. Fleas in winter can stay in this cocoon until there is adequate heat for them to emerge.

Adult Fleas:

Adult fleas can live up to several years in ideal conditions with the female laying more than 5,000 eggs in their life time. Adult fleas can live 2 to 3 months without a blood host, newly hatched fleas can only survive a week without a blood host.

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