Fruit Flies Sydney


Fruit Flies Sydney.


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What is Fruit Flies Sydney?


Vinegar flies also known as fruit flies and ferment flies come from the family of Drosophilide.


Fruit flies are small annoying insects which usually hangs around your kitchen area where there is rotting or fermented fruit or vegetables.


Fruit Flies Sydney are usually 2.5 – 2.4mm long with its wings folded with one on top of the other. Fruit flies are usually a blackish brownish colour.


Fruit flies will usually lay around 25 – 35 eggs each day and they are deposited into the fruit or vegetables which is in your kitchen area. It is known that fruit flies can deposit their eggs in drains.


Fruit fly eggs will hatch around 24 hours after being laid and will mature in to adult fruit flies in about 4 days. Fruit flies typical life span is roughly 8 -14 days.


Fruit flies can also breed and feed on other matters such as open drinks, dirty bins and food containers.


How can I get rid of Fruit Flies Sydney?


We often hear customers asking for pest treatment for fruit flies and we always try to find a solution for our customers before recommending a pest service. Yes sure we may not get a booking but if we can save our customers money by them eradicating the issue at hand themselves then we are sure to know that that customer will remember us in the future for a more serious pest or termite issue.


  • Inspect all areas of your kitchen and find the source which is attracting fruit flies.
  • Remove all sources in a plastic bag, tie it up and dispose the bag in the council bin.
  • All fresh produce place inside the fridge until the fruit flies have ceased.
  • Frequently clean your bins and make sure that it is not damp.
  • Place either bleach or draino down your sink and put the plug in as this will get rid of any fruit flies and their eggs in your sink.
  • You can make a homemade remedy by grabbing a jar, putting a cone shape funnel in it with a piece of fruit, honey or vinegar inside. The fruit flies can fly in but is unable to fly back out.


Fruit Flies Sydney


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