General Pest Treatment Sydney

General Pest Treatment Sydney


General Pest Treatment Sydney
General Pest Treatment Sydney


General Pest Treatment Spray


What Pest Are Included In A General Pest Treatment:

Large cockroaches, House and Garden Spiders, Daddy long Leg Spiders, Redback Spiders, creamy colour crickets, Silverfish, and wasps. Please note that ground dwelling spiders are not included in a General Pest Treatment.


What Is Involved In A General Pest Treatment?

Skirting boards spray Spraying under all furniture dusting of the roof void, and spraying any Cracks and crevices.




Perimeter Spray around property, around door frames and window frames, gutters and fascia boards, fence-lines, Garden beds, scrubs, bushes or any ornaments on your property, close-lines, bins and letterbox dusting of the sub-floor and in any cracks and crevices.


What You Can Do In Preparation Before Redline Pest Control Comes Out To Your Home!

  • Clean your kitchen, moping, wiping down surfaces and cleaning behind the fridge, microwave, dishwasher and stove if possible.
  • Remove any items such as boxes, Paper and plastic bags, to minimize any places where pest can harbourage and breed.
  • For the rest of your home Redline Pest Control ask that you do your weekly cleaning such as dusting, moping and vacuuming as once the pest treatment has been done on your home we ask that you don’t do any heavy cleaning such as mopping and wiping where we have applied the chemical.
  • Mowing your lawns is highly recommended and if the lawn is too high the technician will advise you to cut the lawn and reschedule your appointment. (We don’t like to upset our customers).
  • Take all of your washing off the clothesline as we don’t want chemical to get on your clothes it the wind is blowing in that direction.
  • If you have pets get someone to look after them for a few hours. Bird, fish and other enclosed pets just grab a sheet or towel and put it over their enclosure.


What Can You Expect From Your Service?

  • Within the first week you should see roughly 80 to 90% of pest being eliminated.
  • 6 weeks after your service you should not have any pest. If you have the odd one don’t worry once they walk over the chemical and groom themselves it will kill the pest.
  • If you are still seeing a large amount of pest after 6 weeks don’t fret call Redline Pest Control as you will have 6 months warranty and Redline Pest Control will send out the same technician to your home to retreat the affected areas.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to empty out all my cupboards? 


No, you do not need to empty cupboards, as Redline Pest Control will not be spraying in the cupboards, only the skirting boards will be sprayed.


Will the spray affect humans and pets? 


No, all of Redline Pest Controls chemicals are low in toxicity. All we ask is that depending on the weather to go out for about an hour or two.



Will I still see pest after the treatment has been done?


Yes, you will still pest as the chemical will flush them out of their harbourage spots and you will notice that the pest will start dying one by one. You will continue to see pest dying over the next 6 weeks and the odd one come but will die shortly after it comes in contact with the chemical.


General Pest Treatment Sydney


General Pest Treatment Sydney
General Pest Treatment Sydney


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