how to get rid of Indianmeal Moth / Pantry Moths

pantry moth indianmeal moth
pantry moth
indianmeal moth

So you have discovered that you have Pantry Moths in your kitchen, now what can you do to eradicate them.


Here is some instructions on how to eradicate them on your own without having to call a pest control company to come out and provide you with a treatment.


Any reputable pest control company will advise you on how you can get rid of pantry moths on your own before recommending a pest treatment which can cost you hundreds of dollars.


Redline Pest Control will always advise you of alternative treatment before commencing on a pest treatment as some pest are easy to eradicate yourself.


Once the Pantry moth has been located it’s time to clean up the mess that they have left behind.


You will need to inspect every inch of your pantry and food packaging whether it is open or not as they will eat through the packaging.


If you are certain you have located the only food items infested, just put them in a garbage bag, seal it and throw it outside in your council bin.


Also look to your ceiling as sometimes you can find the larvae crawling along your ceiling. Larvae look like creamy colour maggots.


If you do find the larvae also wash your ceiling with soapy water or eucalyptus oil.


If you are positive that you have a more than one source then you will need a more methodical process:


1. Inspect every box, bag or package of food, even if it is sealed, open it
2. Check unlikely spots like dried herbs, pasta, dog and cat biscuits, etc.
3. Inspect every can or jar, lids and rims of cans are big enough for pantry moth’s pupa to spin a web. If you find webbing, wash it with water.
4. Remove all shelving liners as they could be breeding underneath the liners.
5. Vacuum all edges of walls, shelves and shelf hinges
6. Wash down all walls, floors and especially the inside of the door hinges and door jams; you can use sugar soapy water or eucalyptus oil.


When you are certain that you have thoroughly removed the sources of pantry moths empty your vacuum bag and wash down your garbage bin.


Once you finish cleaning you can put down insect glue boards which are boards that have a pheromone in it to attract the male pantry moth and will trap it therefore will help stop the breading process.


If you still are unable to eradicate the pantry moth call Redline Pest Control on 0426 002 007 for a free no obligation quote.

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