Giant rodents eats 3 month old baby girl.





It really saddens me when I think of how a mother could take one of her two twins out to a nightclub while the other twin is at home all alone while been eaten alive by rodents.


Even though this has not happened in Australia we still have a duty of care to protect our own children and other misfortunate adults.
What are some ways that you can protect your premises from rodents taking up a nice cozy spot in your humble abode.


1) Remove any debris which is on or around your home as rodents love to hide in the debris as it gives them shelter.

2) Put all rubbish from inside out each day and always make sure that your council bin is secure and away from the entry points of your home.

3) After your pet has finished eating and drinking put their food bowl and water bowl away.

4) Cut all shrubs, vines and tree branches that are over hanging on your home, by doing this you will take away their run paths.

5) Inspections both internally and externally to see if there are any holes or gaps which will need to be sealed as these holes or gaps are entry points for rodents.

6) Make sure that after each meal you clean up so there is no food source for rodents.



If you are having issues with rodents you should always contact a professional who will use the appropriate rodent bait and will install rodent bait boxes where needed.


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