Pest Control For Your Commercial Business!

Good Pest Control For Your Commercial Business
Pest Free BusinessPest Control For Your Commercial Business


What’s the first thing we think about when we go to our favourite restaurant?


The yummy food good conversation great company.


What is going on behind-the-scenes of our favourite restaurants?


Do you have regular pest control on your food industry business?


Have you seen pest like rats, cockroaches, ants or birds in your business?


What can you do to avoid a pest outbreak in your food industry business?

Being in the pest industry I get to see a lot of things behind the scenes that I wouldn’t ordinarily see.


Good Pest Control For Your Commercial Business


With dealing with commercial pubs bars restaurants and cafes there seems to be a common trait that they either don’t know the food safety laws, know how to clean the premises each day or they do not have a pest controller who is servicing them with the correct method of service.

What makes a good pest technician?

A good pest technician will always inspect the premises before carrying out any pest treatment to a commercial premises.


Pest Control For Your Commercial Business


Redline Pest Control will inspect identify and treat any pest that is in your commercial business as by failing to follow the steps we have implemented will result in our clients still having issues with pest and therefore could result in them either getting a fine or even worse a customer getting severely sick or dying from bacteria that pest leave behind.
I often get to go out with the technicians when we first get a new commercial premises this allows me to have knowledge of how a pest treatment is carried out and what our clients can do in order to prevent a future pest outbreak.
Redline Pest Control not only treats pest but advises our commercial clients on the different methods on how they can eradicate pest on their own by simply following our advice.


Sometimes all that needs to be done is block entry points so pest can’t gain entry or have  simple cleaning procedure put in place once the commercial premises closes for the day.

Redline Pest Control has been hearing a lot of horror stories from our commercial clients who had previously used a different pest control company.


Good Pest Control For Your Commercial Business


With one of our commercial clients their previous pest control company had used coopex dust in the kitchen area along the skirting boards near where the cooking elements were and on top of the kitchen counters which could potentially killed their customers.


Needless to say that this commercial client was still seeing a severe infestation of German cockroaches.


The NSW Food authority has a section on their website especially for those who have been fined in the food industry.


Put your mind at ease and check the NSW Food Authority website to see if any of your favourite restaurants are pest free.


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