Booklice How To Get Rid Of them


Booklice How To Get Rid Of them


How To Get Rid Of Booklice Naturally
Booklice How To Get Rid Of them



What are Booklice?


Psocids also known as Booklice are tiny insects which is usually found in books but is not always limited to books and can be found in other areas such as your kitchen. Booklice are attracted to warm damp environments and will feast on mildews, mould and yeast.


Booklice are a light brown or creamy colour insect which re roughly 1mm.


What do Booklice feed on?


Firstly I must mention Booklice is not caused by poor hygiene and do not pose any threat to humans. Booklice are attracted to high humidity or dampness that is in your home. You may need to fix that leaky pipes or taps that you have been meaning to fix or set up a better ventilation system in your home. Booklice love to feed on books, plaster, leather, natural materials, animal waste, plant fibres, certain food in your pantry such as flour and grains.


How can I get rid of Booklice naturally?


You will need to go around your home and seek out which areas are damp and moist as this is a breeding ground for Booklice.


  • Reduce humidity by using a dehumidifier in all rooms which are moist and damp. ( you can either get one installed or you can buy portable ones)
  • Fix any leaky pipes and taps.
  • Make sure that your water drain/air condition overflow pipe is drained further away from your home.
  • Purchase a few damp rids from your local supermarket and place the damp rid in the affected rooms which have high moisture.
  • Empty out your pantry and inspect all of your dry products such as yeast, flour, grains, cereals and pet food. (if they are infested with Booklice please dispose of this immediately in your outside bin)
  • Before placing the non-affected items back in the pantry get a sponge and little bucket which will have 2 parts of bleach to 5 parts of water and give the pantry a really good clean. ( I recommend cleaning all cupboards in the kitchen bathroom and laundry with this method)
  • Make sure the cupboards and pantry are really well dried before placing items back into their original spot. (Using a hair dryer works great as the heat will kill any eggs you may of left behind)
  • Make sure that all dry food products are in air tight containers.
  • Books and any other item which are affected by Booklice place in the microwave for 30 to 40 seconds (Make sure these items do not have any metal in them otherwise you will cause a fire)


Booklice How To Get Rid Of them


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