How to get rid of German cockroaches

How to get rid of German cockroaches


How to get rid of German cockroaches
How to get rid of German cockroaches


Latin name – Blattella Germanica


When a client calls me, I go through my usually spiel of what their property is like and what pests they have.


When asking if a client has German cockroaches, some don’t know the difference as a cockroach is a cockroach and they just want that damn cockroach gone and dusted out of their home.


So, what does a German cockroach look like?


How to get rid of German cockroaches
How to get rid of German cockroaches


  • Colour of German Cockroaches: Adults are easily recognised by their goldy brown to tan in colour body with two black horizontal stripes located behind their head. Nymphs are darker in colour and look like a bug of some sort.
  • Size of German Cockroaches: Adult German cockroaches grow to roughly the length of 13-16 mm is size. While they have wings, they prefer to scurry around than fly about.


Help, how to get rid of German cockroaches?


Unfortunately, German cockroaches are imported into your home whether you bought a box or bag inside that may have had a live German cockroach or the Ootheca (egg casing).


If you live in residential apartments they can travel between units when infestations occur.


All you need in one ootheca to start an infestation forming in your property. For every female German cockroach, she will have roughly forty to fifty baby cockroaches and before you know it an infestation of German cockroaches can get out of hand.


What do German cockroaches eat?


German cockroaches love when we don’t wipe down our tables, benchtops and stove tops, they will feast on just about anything and everything when we don’t clean up each day.


That being said, German cockroaches will also feast on paper, electrical appliances. Toothpaste, soap, dead cockroaches and bugs.


When are German cockroaches most active?


They are a nocturnal insect and will usually come out of their harbourage spots at night-time once everything has settled down for the night. If you are seeing German cockroaches in the day it is an indication that you have a high infestation of German cockroaches and a treatment is need ASAP.


Lifecycle of German cockroaches.


How to get rid of German cockroaches
How to get rid of German cockroaches


Adult German cockroaches live to around 28 weeks and can reproduce up to six ootheca over their lifespan. For every female German cockroach, she will have between forty to fifty baby cockroaches at any given time. The Life Cycle repeats every six weeks therefore not getting the German cockroaches treated by a professional can be quite costly in the long run.


Preparation before Redline Pest Control comes to your home


How to get rid of German cockroaches
How to get rid of German cockroaches


  • Cleaning of the kitchen is a must. Wipe down all surfaces such as benchtops and stove tops, moping, a good clean behind the fridge, wipe out the microwave and dishwasher.
  • Remove all clutter such as papers, boxes and plastic bags, to minimise anywhere German cockroaches can hide and breed.
  • If the problem exists outside of your kitchen you will need to make sure that a through clean is taken care of and all clutter is removed as this is the perfect breeding ground for German cockroaches to breed and explode with an infestation.

What can you expect from your German cockroach treatment?


  • First week of your German cockroach treatment you should see around 80% of German cockroaches die.
  • Six weeks after your initial German cockroach treatment you should not have any German cockroaches unless the infestation of German cockroaches is quite high. If the infestation is high you will be told you need a second service at six weeks to kill the breeding cycle.
  • If you still see German cockroaches after six weeks don’t panic call Redline Pest Control, we provide six months warranty for low to medium infestations. if Redline Pest Control are to come out under a warranty period, we will send out the same technician to your home to treat the affected areas.


How do you determine the level of infestation of German cockroaches?


Mild- Kitchen, Bathroom and laundry. Has warranty.
Moderate- Kitchen, Bathroom, laundry, lounge and hallway. Has warranty.
Severe- Kitchen, Bathroom, laundry, lounge, hallway, bedrooms and all throughout your home. Will need a second service in six weeks’ time.


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