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Huntsman Spider –Sparassidae

Huntsman Spider Sydney
Huntsman Spiders is formerly known as the Heteropodidae. Huntsman Spiders are the large flat body spiders who are also called crab spiders. Huntsman Spiders got their name from the speed and the way they hunt their prey.Huntsman Spiders are not harmful to humans but they can attack if provoke often leaving swelling, painful local bite and rashes. You are more likely to have a car accident if one walks across the window than the Huntsman Spiders biting you. There is roughly 94 species of the Huntsman Spiders.

Identification of Huntsman Spider
Huntsman Spiders are large hairy spider with a flatten body with eight hairy long legs with the two front legs being longer than the rest. The female Huntsman Spider is an orange to brown colour, brown to grey or can be brown to pink with stripes on the bottom of the abdomen. The male Huntsman Spider is very similar to the female. The male Huntsman Spiders is smaller than the female Huntsman Spiders and is around 16mm while the female Huntsman Spider is around 20mm. Huntsman Spiders has eight eyes.

Habitats of Huntsman Spider
Huntsman Spiders are a nocturnal spider and will hunt for its prey in trees, bark and foliage. At night time it is more likely for the Huntsman Spider to enter your home. Huntsman Spider do not build webs but rather live under cracks and crevices, rocks, bark, tree stumps and logs.

Reproduction of Huntsman Spider
When the Huntsman Spiders mate it actually can be a long process and there was a report that in one case the Huntsman Spiders had mated for ten hours. The male Huntsman Spider tip of the palp is relatively swollen and us used in mating. The female Huntsman Spider will not eat or attack her suitor once they have mated. After mating has occurred the female Huntsman Spider will spin a silk capsule to which she will lay her eggs and will guard this silken capsule until the spider lings hatch. The female Huntsman Spider will become aggressive and will strike out if she feels as though her silken capsule is in danger. Huntsman Spiders will live up to 2 years.
Diet for Huntsman Spider
Huntsman Spiders will feast on a variety of insects and other small invertebrates. As the Huntsman Spider does not spin webs or have burrows they will stalk and chase down their prey with their fangs immobilising the prey to where they will feast on the liquid of the prey.

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