Huntsman Spider Sydney


Huntsman Spider Sydney
Huntsman Spider


Huntsman Spider Sydney

What is a huntsman spider and what do they look like?


Why do they call a Huntsman spider the Huntsman? Does they mean that they will hunt me down in the corner of my room?


No, a Huntsman spider is from the Heteropodidae family and is known for the way they hunt their prey such as small invertebrates and other insects. They immobilise their prey with their fangs and will suck the juices out of the prey.


So what does a Huntsman Spider look like?


There is over 94 species of Huntsman Spiders. Huntsman Spiders have a big flat body with eight hairy legs and eight beaming eyes, they are also known as a crab spider. If you look closely you will see beautiful markings on this spider (yes I know that I am somewhat strange when I talk about how beautiful spiders are).Huntsman can be brown to grey, orange to brown or brown to pink with stripes on the bottom of their abdomen. The male Huntsman spider is much smaller than the female with it being roughly 16cm and the female being roughly 20cm.


Where do Huntsman Spiders live?


You will find the Huntsman spider across Australia, they do not build webs or have burrows, you are more than likely to see them under bark, logs, tree stumps, rocks and cracks and crevices. At times you will find the Huntsman spider high up on your walls near the ceiling.


Are Huntsman spiders aggressive?


There is a two part answer to this question as it is a no and a yes. Most Huntsman spiders will quickly run away once you have disturbed them but if a female Huntsman is guarding her eggs she will be more than likely to attack you. While Huntsman spiders are not poisonous they do pack a mighty bite and can cause nausea, swelling and sweating.


Huntsman Spider Sydney


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