Is pest control necessary in schools or daycare? 


Is pest control necessary in schools or daycare? 
Is pest control necessary in schools or daycare?


Is pest control necessary in schools or daycare? 


Here in Australia, schools and daycares are expected to uphold pest control to maintain a safe environment to all kids that attend their facilities. 

Pest especially love schools and daycares as there is always scraps and crumbs that have been left behind from kids when they eat. 

As you can imagine pests, rodents and birds can become an issue when there is a food source and making it harder for the facilitators to gain control of any infestations that may occur. 

Redline Pest Control can provide your school or daycare with the professional assistance to maintain pest activity and infestations as we have a proven method that will not only help reduce the infestation but help manage the threshold of everyday pes, rodents, and birds.  

Is pest control necessary in schools or daycare? 


Children in schools and daycare centers are more vulnerable and having pest activity can flare up any health issues or cause them to be sick from the pest poop and debris. 

Parents have trust that each school and daycare will carry out any necessary pest control to keep their children safe. 


Why should you hire Redline Pest Control for pest control in your school or daycare? 


Here at Redline Pest Control, we are a family-owned pest control company who sets out to deliver a cost-effective proven pest control that will leave your establishment with a pest free environment. 

We have been around for over ten years and have built relationships with our clients by maintaining a trustable service that is affective across all pest control services and industries. 


How does a pest infestation take place in your school or daycare? 


Unfortunately, no home or business is immune from getting pests in their building, so it is vital to be educated on the first signs of pests that have gained entry to the building. Is pest control necessary in schools or daycare? 


Pests can come for a variety of reasons such as: 


  • Surrounding elements such as bushy areas 
  • Children dropping food and or crumbs and not cleaning up 
  • Rubbish has not been taken out or stored correctly 
  • Renovations from surrounding buildings 
  • Weather and that time of the year that they breed 
  • Bought in by boxes, children who have an infestation at home 
  • Suppliers may have an issue in their warehouse 
  • Sanitation is not up to scratch 


By calling Redline Pest Control, you will be able to speak with a real customer service agent who will be able to provide you with expertise friendly advice on what and how to prevent pest from gaining entry to your school or childcare facility. 

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