Natural Fly Remedies For Prevention And Control

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With the warmer weather now upon us it is natural for flies to fly right into our humble abode.


Now I know that you are probably thinking that we are crazy for giving our customers helpful hints that can help prevent and control certain pest without asking for any money but in all honesty helping our clients with helpful tips that is beneficial for not only our customers pocket but also for the environment.


I have been doing a little research in more natural ways that I can eradicate flies from my home as there is no chemical control that suits my needs as with tiny little hands going everywhere I really don’t feel comfortable getting out the quickbait which is a chemical used for flies and is highly toxic if digested.


So what can we do to help protect our home from flies so our little monsters don’t get sick from harsh chemicals that are used for fly eradication.


  • Fly swats are great if you want to swing and jump around your home
  • Have a few planters of basil near your doors and windows
  • Flies absolutely hate cinnamon, try placing cinnamon around your home in little mason jars
  • Removing any food source that is likely to attract flies
  • Wash any cups, plates etc straight after using them
  • Wipe down all benchtops
  • Make a fly vinegar trap (get a mason jar and fill up with apple cider then put the lid on. The lid must have holes big enough for the flies to crawl into, once in the jar the fly doesn’t know how to get out of the jar)
  • Homemade fly strips are great, all you need is a piece of cardboard, ¼ cup of golden syrup and ¼ cup of sugar, mix well together and place onto the cardboard
  • Lavender trees, teatree oil in a candle burner, mint, tomatoes, cucumbers, caster oil, apple cider vinegar, cloves, witch hazel, citronella, and basil are great around benchtops, windows and doorframes
  • Try not to over water your plants as flies are attracted to the water and is a perfect breading ground
  • Put flyscreens over all windows and install a flyscreen door
  • Take out your rubbish once you have finished with it, make sure to always have the bin lid on
  • If you can install UV traps this is great as it zaps the flies


So now that I have given you some tips on prevention and control of flies try implementing the steps above the next time a pesky little fly comes into your home.


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