Prepare your home for a Termite inspection Sydney

Prepare your home for a Termite inspection Sydney! 
Prepare your home for a Termite inspection Sydney!

Prepare your home for a Termite inspection Sydney! 

Here in Australia, we are highly susceptible at one point in time for our homes to be hit by termites and termites causing havoc with the timber structures. 

Termites are destructive insects and will cause damage and you will not realise until it is too late. 

Even though termites may look like ants they are not related but are a close relative of the cockroach, weird hu! 

We have a client Mary who is elderly and no longer could keep up with the maintenance of her home due to poor health and age. In Mary’s spare room where she stored items that did not have a place, she noticed what she said to be a dirt mound which was a termite nest growing up from her subfloor onto the wall. Mary hired a cleaner who in fact knew that this was not just dirt but a termite nest.  

Mary’s cleaner organised for us to go out and perform a termite inspection on her property so we could ascertain the level of infestation of active termites where we then set a termite baiting system so we could get a colony elimination, once we got a colony elimination we then set up a termite prevention barrier so Mary’s home would be protected against future attacks from termites as they glide into homes that has been previously hit by termites using pheromones left by termites. 

What can you do to help Prepare your home for a Termite inspection Sydney!

Prepare your home for a Termite inspection Sydney! 

With life being so busy we have the tendency to hoard or store unwanted item that we no longer use or need. What we recommend is to go through each room and declutter what you do not need and get rid of them. Having clutter can hide visual damage from termites that you would see if there was no clutter in your home. 

On the outside remove any unwanted vegetation that may have built up due to lack of gardening maintenance. Any overgrown bushes, trees and shrubs should also be trimmed right back. 

We suggest that you make all walls internal and external visible so your technician can have a clear view of where he needs to use his machinery to ascertain if there is any termite activity behind the walls. 

Make sure there is clear access in your roof void or subfloor for your technician to move around freely. 

Is termite inspection important? 

Termite inspections are important, and you really should be proactive in making sure you have one every six months if you are in a bushy area and every twelve months in a built-up area. 

This ensures that if any termites have started building a colony in your humble abode that you have taken the correct measures to eliminate them before any considerable damage has taken place. 

You would not skip your home insurance so why would you risk your biggest asset from being hit by termites and causing structural damage that could see your home either being knocked down or have some serious unwanted renovations. 

By taking that first step and calling Redline Pest Control you are one step further from having peace of mind that there is no termite colony in your humble abode. 

Redline Pest Control provides you with a full comprehensive termite report that will outline any issues with your property such as leaky taps, damaged water overflow pipes, vegetation that could attract termites and much more not to mention if there are any active termites. 

Prepare your home for a Termite inspection Sydney! 

Our phone number is 0426 002 007 so what are you waiting for? Call us today for your own peace of mind and sanity. 


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