Solar panel proofing Liverpool

Solar panel proofing Liverpool 


Solar panel proofing Liverpool 
Solar panel proofing Liverpool


Is your home one of many affected by birds evading your solar panels and making them less efficient?  Solar panel proofing Liverpool customers have one of the highest rate of pigeons nesting underneath their solar panels.


Pigeons can be very problematic with them pooping everywhere and being an eyesore to disbursing bird lice/mites causing you to be itchy. 


Here at Redline Pest Control, we have the right solution to solar panel proof your solar panels.  


Each technician is highly trained, friendly, and efficient which we will guarantee that your pigeon problem will be solved with the installation of the solar panel proofing system. 


We understand what your needs and wants are, solar panel proofing Liverpool customers wants a reliable and cost-effective service, you want warranty, we have a five-year workmanship warranty with all our solar panel proofing Liverpool customers. 


Did you know that it is the female pigeons that set up their nesting to raise the chicks underneath the solar panels while the trust male pigeon will keep an eye out for any predators. 


Solar panel proofing Liverpool why do you need to protect your solar panels? 


There are many reasons why we encourage our customers to proof their solar panels. 


  • Pigeon poop can be an eyesore when seen from street view 
  • Can erode paint, aluminum, vehicles, fittings and much more 
  • Can carry bird lice/mites 
  • Can spread diseases that can affect us 
  • Can cause electrical to short circuit  
  • Has an impact on drainage systems and guttering from their poop 


What are some of the reasons why our customers prefer to use our services? 


  • We get the job done first time around 
  • Flexibility 
  • Trustworthy and honest 
  • Been in the industry for over 10 years 
  • Fully qualified 


How does solar panel proofing Liverpool work? 


Firstly, your friendly bird technician will go up on your roof and remove all nesting debris and any live birds from underneath your solar panels, then will install custom built bird mesh using a clipping system, the clipping system is for two reasons, first so we do not void your warranty and cause a fire, second is it is easy to unclip for any maintenance that may need to be carried out. 


Do you have any questions or would like to book one of our friendly bird technicians to solar panel proof your humble abode or workspace? 


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