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Female Mouse spider

Redline Pest Control - Spiders
You can find Mouse Spiders across Australia and can be mistaken for Funnel Web Spiders.

Despite their name Mouse Spider they actually don’t feed on Mice but rather feed on insects.

Mouse Spiders get their name from making burrows similar to a mouse would make in the wild.

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Funnel-Web Spider

Redline Pest Control - SpidersThe Funnel-Web Spider also known as the atracinae or grass spiders are a medium to large spider and are often a brown or black colour with a carapace which is glossy covering the front part of their body. The Funnel-Web Spider can grow up to 5cm in size. The Female Funnel-Web Spider is much larger than the male Funnel-Web Spider and often lives longer. A female Funnel-Web Spider will lay over a 100 eggs which will turn into spiderlings. Funnel-Web Spiders have spinnerets which are located at the bottom of their body and often visible. The Male Funnel-Web Spider has a larger mating spur which is projected from their second pair of legs. There is roughly 40 species of the Funnel-Web Spider in Australia.
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Mouse spider

Redline Pest Control - SpidersMouse Spiders are a large spider and will range from 2cm to 3cm long. Male Mouse Spiders are smaller than the female Mouse Spider. The male Mouse Spider will grow to approximately 2 cm long with long legs and longer palps. The male Mouse Spider can either have a bright orangish to Reddish head with a silverish to blueish abdomen or they can have a white patch on their abdomen.
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Redline Pest Control - SpidersRedback spiders also known as the LatrodectusHasseltii is a venomous spider which is found in Australia.

There are many names that the Redback spider is known as, Murra-Ngura spider, Jockey spider, Reds pot Spider, Red Stripe spider, Kanna-Jeri spider and Kapara spider.
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Redline Pest Control - SpidersWhite-Tailed Spiders are a medium size spider and are darkish reddish to greyish colour with a cylindrical body with orange to brown banded legs. They have two pairs of white spots on their abdomen near their spinnerets. Female White-Tailed Spiders are around 18mm long with the male White-Tailed Spider being smaller around 12mm long.
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Saint Andrews Cross Spider

Saint Andrews Cross Spider SydneyArgiope Keyserlingi also known as you’re Saint Andrews Cross Spider and are a common spider in Australia. Saint Andrews Cross Spider will vibrate the stabilimentum until the spider becomes blurry if felt threatened.Read More

Huntsman Spider

Huntsman Spider Sydney
Huntsman Spiders is formerly known as the Heteropodidae. Huntsman Spiders are the large flat body spiders who are also called crab spiders. Huntsman Spiders got their name from the speed and the way they hunt their prey.
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Net-Casting Spider

Net-Casting Spider Sydney
Net-Casting Spiders are from the Deinopidae family and are a common spider throughout Australia. The Net-Casting Spider gets its name from the way they spin their web in between their two legs in the shape of a net and expand their two legs when it is ready to catch its prey.

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Daddy Long Leg Spider

Daddy Long Leg Spiders in Sydney
Daddy Long Leg Spiders are also known as cellar spiders or Gran Daddy Spiders and are found throughout Australia in the corners of most homes and buildings.

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Wolf Spider

wolf spider Control
Lycosa SP also known as a Wolf Spider is a member of the Lycosidae family and will be found throughout Australia. Wolf Spiders have excellent eyesight and are known to chase and pounce on their prey but they will also wait in their burrow at the opening waiting for prey to pass by.

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Garden Orb Weaving Spider

Garden-Orb Weaving Spider Control
Garden Orb Weaving Spiders also known as Eriophora Transmarina are a common spider throughout Australia but the Garden Orb Weaving Spider is found mostly on the eastern and southern parts of Australia. There are about 100 species of the Garden Orb Weaving Spider. During the day the Garden Orb Weaving Spider will sit on leave debris with its legs tucked underneath its body.

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Black House Spider

Black House Spider Control
The Black House Spider known as Badumna Insignis is a common spider throughout the east and west coast of Australia.The male Black House Spider is much smaller in length 8 – 10mm than the female Black House Spider which 15 – 18mm.

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Leaf Curling Spider

leaf curling spider Control
The Leaf Curling Spider also known by its scientific name Phonognatha Graeffei is a spider which is found north-eastern, eastern and southern areas throughout Australia. The Leaf Curling Spiders are an orb weaving spider and is a day active spider. Leaf Curling Spiders are very common in the summertime.

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