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Bird Control Sydney

Bird Control Sydney


Bird Control Sydney
Bird Control Sydney


Sydney’s Best Bird Control


Bird Control Sydney is a bigger problem than most people can imagine. Birds can create serious issues here in Sydney. Birds can damage property and carry bird lice which can make your skin itch.


Pigeons, Indian Myna Birds, starlings, seagulls, and sparrows can be serious issues for both homeowners and business owners here in Sydney.


Redline Pest Control are the leading experts in bird control in Sydney.


Unfortunately, birds can enter various buildings such as hospitals, shopping centers, and other commercial properties.


Birds leave droppings that can spread disease and cause sickness also birds cause long-term corrosive damage to both the inside and outside of buildings.


Birds Can Cause Quite A Stir for Strata Complexes in Sydney


Here in Sydney many strata complexes have pebbles which have been installed on the top of the complex roofs.


Birds often think that pebbles which are on the roof is food but when the bird realises that the pebble is not food they will often spit it out which then can fall below causing damage or hurt an unsuspecting human.


Did you know that strata corporation is held liable for any damage that the stones may cause and is also liable if a human is hurt in the process. If your strata complex has any pebbles installed on the roof top it is best to get a Redline Pest Technician out to provide you a quote on how we can proof against birds to avoid any further damage or worst a human that is hurt.


Redline Pest Control has a proven results from our bird control techniques here in Sydney.

Residential Bird Control Sydney


Unfortunately, birds can enter a home through various entry points such as chimneys, downpipes and missing or loose roof tiles, gutters.


Once birds have gained entry inside, they can bring both bird lice, mites, and diseases.


Once a bird dies inside your home there lice or mites can cause an issue until all bird nesting materials and dead bird has been removed.


There are several ways we can bird proof your home so birds don’t enter your humble abode.


Sydney’s best bird control service


When you are searching for bird control services here in Sydney then look no further than us here at Redline Pest Control.


Not only are we the leading experts in bird control Sydney but all our technicians go through extensive training every few months on the latest products and safety measures.


We understand that birds in your home or business can be a huge risk as you don’t want your family members or co-workers getting sick from a disease that birds could spread.


Once you realised that you have birds it is vital to remove the birds and their nesting materials as quickly as possible to avoid lice, mites and diseases.

Sydney’s number one bird control service


There are various ways we can remove birds from your home or business here in Sydney.

If you have solar panels, we proof each solar panel by installing stainless steel UV coated wire mesh.

Bird spikes can be installed along building ledges, pipework, ETC.

Avishock can be installed around hard to proof areas such as Dutch roofs, commercial building ledges.

Bird wiring systems can be installed around ledges of a building.

Bird netting can be installed along roofs with pebbles, hard to proof areas such as balconies of units.

For more information on bird proofing call us today on 9920 0790 or 0426 002 007 for a free no obligation quote.

Bird Control Sydney

Bird Proofing Sydney

Pigeon control Sydney

Pigeon control Sydney



Pigeon control Sydney
Pigeon control Sydney



Whether you are residential or a commercial premise there is one pest that we all have at one point or another that will grind our goats and make a huge mess by their faeces.


I am talking about pigeons, these pesky little buggers can not only create noise and mess but can damage roof tiles, gutters, solar panels and also bring bird lice causing you to itch all over.


In most cases birds can roost in gutters and downpipes causing a water overflow which can increase moisture issues which then could lead to other pests such as termites, springtails, thrips and more to take up residence in your humble abode.


Redline Pest Control offers the follow bird proofing methods for Sydney residents:


• Solar skirts for solar panels – Installation of solar skirts around your solar panels
• Electric shock track system – solar charged wires that are installed along roof ledges, windowsills, and other parts of your roof that pigeons are roosting on
• Stainless steel spikes – Installation of bird spikes will prevent pigeons roosting on almost any surfaces
• Avi strand wire – AVI strand wire will be installed with metal post and wiring system going through the post, secured with UV stable post support base
• Stealth netting – is great for roof tops, garages, carparks, loading docks and warehouses, it is almost undetectable to the eye and can come in a variety of colours and sizes
• Shooting – we are fortunate to have a technician who is highly trained in shooting birds in the most humane methods
• Narcotic baiting – We need to obtain a permit from National Parks and Wildlife to narcotic bait birds, this is done over five consecutive days


What separates us here at Redline Pest Control from other pest companies here in Sydney?


• Fully accredited, licence and have insurance
• Qualified technicians who have regular national police checks
• Boom lift licence
• No mess, no fuss and, no disturbance to you or any dwellings around your premises
• Family owned and operated pest control business
• Always on time and provide a reliable cost-effective service
• Professional and honest service every time
• We listen to what your concerns are, and tailor make each pest service according to your needs


Pigeon control Sydney – one of the main reasons pigeons are considered a pest is because of the following:


• Bird lice/mites that can make your skin break out
• pigeon nesting materials in gutter, solar panels, and roof voids
• Spread of diseases from their faeces which can cause you to be very sick
• Attracts rodents and cockroaches to their nests
• When adult pigeons have a nest and baby pigeons are in these nests it can be noisy in the early morning and at dusk when they are due for a feed
• Damage with solar panels, timbers, shingles, roof tiles, drain pipes, air-con units, gutters, paint work, bricks, and cause metal to corrode and become an eyesore


Pigeon control Sydney – associated Problems that pigeons can cause:


Pigeons and their debris are known to be a source of bacteria which can be very harmful to humans.


• Pigeon Nests – can be the source of many unpleasant insects including fleas, mites, lice, some beetles and flies
• Ornithosis – symptoms range from flu like illness to pneumonia or influenza
• Bird fanciers lung – an allergic reaction which is caused by exposure to dust inhaled from bird debris
• Cryptococcosis – This is a very serious illness. It begins as a lung infection but can progress to the meninges of the brain causing Meningitis
• E-Coli -This is contracted orally by ingesting food or water contaminated with a pathogenic strain caused by pigeons
• Salmonella – typhoid like intestinal infection


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Indian Myna Birds Sydney Pest Control

Indian Myna Birds Sydney Pest Control


Indian Myna Birds Sydney Pest Control
Indian Myna Birds Sydney Pest Control


Indian Myna also known by Acridotheres tristis


What do Indian Myna birds look like?


Indian Myna birds are brown with a blackish head. It has a dull and sometimes bright yellow bill, legs, and bare yellow skin behind the eyes. When the Indian Myna is in flight, a white patch underneath their wings and feathertails. Juveniles are duller and more of a plain brown compared to adult Indian Mynas.


Why are Indian Myna birds considered such a pest?


Indian Mynas are native to India and were introduced to Australia around 1880 to reduce locust populations in agricultural areas. The Indian Myna bird population have rapidly and significantly increased over the years. Indian Mynas are actually ranked as number one of the world’s most 100 invasive pest species by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.


  • Lifts roof tiles and guttering to get inside to make nesting materials.
  • Brings bird lice and mites that could seep through cracks and crevices.
  • Bird poop is an eye sore.
  • Damage roof tiles and other parts of roofs such as gutters, and facades.


Why are Indian Myna birds so common in urban areas?


Unfortunately, urban areas provide Indian Mynas with the perfect conditions to thrive in as us humans leave plenty of food left in areas such as playgrounds, garbage bins, uneaten pet food, water sources, plenty of places


What are some steps you can you do to deter Indian Myna birds from your yard?


  • Seeds that are left out for native birds can attract Indian Mynas to your home.
  • Do not leave pet food outside as this will attract Indian Myna birds to your home.
  • Indian Myna birds love to nest in hollow trees, roofs, exotic trees, and the dead fronds of palm trees. To break the nesting cycle block holes in roofs and eaves and keep palm trees trimmed.
  • Remove any pet bowls from outside as this attracts Indian Myna birds.
  • Plant more native trees as it will bring more native birds that Indian Myna birds don’t get along with.


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Indian Myna Birds Sydney Pest Control

What is bird lice and how do we get bird lice?

What is bird lice and how do we get bird lice?


What is bird lice and how do we get bird lice?
What is bird lice and how do we get bird lice?


Bird lice is a blood sucking parasite which are usually found on birds like chickens, pigeons, starlings and sparrows. Bird lice is also known as bird mites and from the insect order of Phthiraptera.


Fortunately for us bird lice do not carry any diseases.


At some point in our lives we will have birds roosting in our eaves and roof voids and will get bird lice from time to time.


Bird lice is just as much a pest as fleas and can create problems not only for your pet birds but can leave you seriously itching when the bird lice attach themselves on to you.


Bird lice will inject their saliva into their host skin causing severe irritation of resulting in rashes and scratching like a mad man.


Bird lice have a yellowish to greenish body but once fed will turn a reddish colour. Bird lice has eight legs for adults and six legs for immature bird lice. Bird lice are roughly 0.5 to 1.0mm in length. Bird lice have a life span about 7 days but can breed rapidly with the eggs hatching after three days.


Bird lice will usually breed in the warmer months from Spring to Summer.


Bird lice will go in search of new birds or their nest if their host has died or left their nest.


What is bird lice and how do we get bird lice? Treatment for bird lice.


First step is calling Redline Pest Control and speaking to a customer service agent.


Redline Pest Control customer service agent will ask you a few questions to rule out other pest that may be in your home.


Once Redline Pest Control customer service agent has ruled out other pest a technician will be assigned to you on a date that suits you.


Your Redline Pest Control technician will inspect your roof void to see if there is any nesting material and will remove the nesting material. Depending on the entry points the technician will temporarily block holes and if the damage is extensive will advise you to contact a roof tiler.


Your Redline Pest Control technician will dust your roof void after removing the birds nesting material and will let off smoke bombs in your home to kill off any bird lice that is in your home.


Redline Pest Control implements a safe and effective service and will advise you of every step of the way.


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