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Cockroach Control Sydney

Cockroach Control Sydney


Cockroach Control Sydney
Cockroach Control Sydney


Do you have cockroaches running around your home?


In the dead of night cockroaches will come out of their hidey-holes and will gobble up anything in their sights.


Not many people know that cockroaches will not only eat the crumbs that they find but they will also munch on electrical cables, papers, hair, decaying matters and other organisms.


It is true that cockroaches can go around a month without food but cannot survive without water for about a week.


So what can our clients expect from cockroach control from Redline Pest Control?


Redline Pest Control will firstly inspect your premises to find out what species of cockroaches you have.


Once identified Redline Pest Control will treat those affected areas.


German cockroaches:


Cockroach Control Sydney
Cockroach Control Sydney


German cockroaches are the little goldy brown cockroaches. They will usually start off in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry areas as these areas are dark and moist. Once an infestation starts growing and harbourage places become over crowded the German cockroaches will spread to other areas of your home.


So what do we do to get rid of those dirty little cockroaches?


First and foremost the technician will access the level of infestation. The technician will spray the skirting boards and place a gel in the hinges of cabinets in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry, any electrical appliances and high risk areas.


Large cockroaches:


Cockroach Control Sydney
Cockroach Control Sydney


Unlike German cockroaches large cockroaches will usually live in roof voids and subfloors and will come inside to get there source of food.


What does Redline Pest Control do when getting rid of large cockroaches?


We will dust your roof void and if you have a subfloor, spray along the skirting boards of your home and along your fence lines, window frames, door frames, eaves and other high risk areas.


What are some common areas that you will find cockroaches in and around your home?


  • Garden bedding
  • Roof voids/subfloors
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundries
  • Hot water tanks
  • Under sinks
  • Furniture
  • Drains
  • Behind fridges/freezers
  • Confined spaces


What can you do to reduce your chances of getting Cockroach Control Sydney?


  • Empty your bins daily
  • Clean under appliances
  • Clean up after you have prepared meals
  • Clean thoroughly at least once a week
  • Put pet bowls away after each meal and at the end of the night empty your pets drinking bowl
  • Clean up any spills immediately
  • Fix any leaking pipes
  • Put all open packaging food in air tight containers
  • Don’t keep magazines, papers or cardboard around as they love to eat the fibres
  • Go around and seal and cracks and crevices


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German Cockroach Treatments

Out comes the cockies and other pest.

Cockroach Control Sydney

German Cockroach Treatments


German Cockroach Treatments


German Cockroach Treatments
german cockroach baby


Here at Redline Pest Control we inspect your premises and will advise you on how severe the German cockroach problem is.


Redline Pest Control does not go on how many cockroaches you see but where the cockroaches are.


German cockroaches are nocturnal and will come out of their harbourage spots at night time. If you are seeing German cockroaches in the day it means you have a very high infestation and they are over-crowded in their harbourage spots.


How Redline Pest Control determines the level of a German cockroach infestation

Mild Kitchen, Bathroom & laundry
Moderate- Kitchen, Bathroom, laundry, lounge & hallway
Severe- Kitchen, Bathroom, laundry, lounge, hallway, bedrooms & all throughout your home


What you can do in preparation before Redline Pest Control comes to your home

  • Clean your kitchen, moping, wiping down surfaces and cleaning behind the fridge, microwave, dishwasher and stove if possible.
  • Remove any items such as boxes, Paper and plastic bags, to minimize any places where German cockroaches can harbourage and breed.
  • If you have a problem outside of your kitchen you will need to make sure the place has been cleaned and all clutter is removed as this is the perfect place for German cockroaches to breed.

What can you expect from your service?

  • Within the first week you should see up to 80% of German cockroaches eliminated.
  • 6 weeks after your service you should not have any German cockroaches unless the infestation is very high (your home is overrun by German cockroaches)
  • If you are still seeing German cockroaches after 6 weeks don’t fret call Redline Pest Control as you will have 6 months warranty and Redline Pest Control will send out the same technician to your home to retreat the affected areas.


Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need to empty out all my cupboards? 

No, you do not need to empty cupboards, as Redline Pest Control will apply a gel. No liquid sprays will be sprayed in the cupboards.


  • Will the spray affect humans and pets? 

No, all of Redline Pest Controls chemicals are low in toxicity. All we ask is that depending on the weather to go out for about an hour or two.


  • Will the gel that is inside of my cupboards contaminate my food?

No, Redline Pest control applies the gel in any cracks, crevices & cupboard hinges.


  • Will I still see German cockroaches after the treatment has been done?

Yes, you will still German cockroaches as the chemical will flush them out of their harbourage spots and you will not that the German cockroaches will start dying one by one. Also with the gel when the cockroaches eat the gel and go to the toilet other German cockroaches will eat the faeces and will die as the chemical has a transfer affect.


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