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Pre-purchase timber pest inspection Sydney

pre-purchase timber pest inspection Sydney

pre-purchase timber pest inspection Sydney
pre-purchase timber pest inspection Sydney



We all know that when you are buying a home it can be quite daunting, our minds keep racing, what if this home has termites or structural damage.


With all the excitement there can be confusion too. A lot of new home buyers are not aware of what needs to be done when buying a new home.


Did you know that as a prospective buyer that when you ask for the contract of sale from the real estate agent that you are considering buying your new home from they must inform you about any previous timber pest inspection reports that may have been commissioned by either the owner of the dwelling or by the real estate agent themselves. You may in fact be able to negotiate the price to favour your way with the pre-existing pre-purchase pest inspection report.


With a pre-purchase inspection there are two parts:


  1. Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection (pest controller)
  2. Pre- Purchase Building Inspection (Builder)


Each pre-purchase timber inspection that is carried out by Redline Pest Control will be in accordance to Australian Standards – AS 4349.1 – pre-purchase inspections.


What is a pre-purchase timber pest inspection?


A pre-purchase timber pest inspection is an initial inspection when a prospective buyer is interested in a property they will source out a pest controller to conduct a pre-purchase timber pest inspection to ascertain whether their new home has been hit with active termites, borers, previous damage due to either one of those, mould, dampness, drainage, and the list goes on. You will receive a coloured multipage report which includes photos, recommendations on how to reduce the risk for termites, what is a risk to your potential new home.


When your Redline Pest Control inspector arrives he will be on the lookout for termites and borers.


Redline Pest Control pest inspector will inspect the following areas of the dwelling that you are considering buying:


  • Roof voids
  • Subfloors
  • All internal areas
  • All external areas
  • Water drainage
  • Toxic materials
  • Wiring
  • Mould
  • Foundations
  • Fence lines/garden beds
  • Trees
  • Out buildings
  • Retaining walls
  • Driveways and pathways


What are the major reasons why you should invest in obtaining a pre-purchase timber pest inspection before you consider your finances into the property.


  • Awareness

Just visiting the premises will not help you ascertain if there is no termite/structural damage in the premises you are going to purchase.

A full timber pest inspection needs to be carried-out, so you know of any issues that you may not see with the naked eye.

  • Value assessment

Pre-purchase timber pest inspection will play an important role in the final assessment in the true value of the premises you are intending to purchase.

Pest/timber issues are not always resolved easily and can be quite costly.

If you think that the property seems a bit overpriced, you can negotiate a better price with the vendor based on the reports from your pest timber inspection report.

  • Unseen flaws

Redline Pest Controls timber pest inspectors can help identify any unseen flaws of a premises before purchasing the premises as there is always something that may need rectifying.

A pre-purchase timber pest inspection can help locate any unseen flaws that the premises may have and bring them to the attention of the potential buyer to provide them with all of the information on that premises required to know the true depth of any pest/timber issues and how the timber/pest problems can be resolved in a quick and swift manner.

  • Knowledge of the overall investment on the premises

A pre-purchase timber pest inspection can help you negotiate a better price with the vendor if there are pre-existent timber/pest issues.

Did you know that if there is any timber/pest issues and that you may need to invest in resolving these issues financially that you can negotiate the price of sale due to these flaws in the premises you are about to buy.

  • Aid in Negotiations in purchasing your new premises

Pre-purchase pest/timber inspection reports help to gain knowledge of the true value of the premises you are about to buy. They can help aid you a better price negotiation with the vendor to help you acquire a better deal for your new premises.

  • Buy with confidence

A pre-purchase timber pest inspection helps you ascertain whether you have made the right decision on purchasing your new premises.


pre-purchase timber pest inspection Sydney
pre-purchase timber pest inspection Sydney


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Termites in Australia!

What can you do to help prevent termites in and around your home


Why choose Redline Pest Control for your pest and termite services?

Termites in Australia!

Termites in Australia!



There are five family groups of termites that is represented in Australia:


• Rhinotermitidar – 30 species
• Termitidae – 266 species
• Kalotermitidae – 46 species
• Mastotermitidae – 1 species
• Termopsidae – 5 species


There are three groups that classify termites.


• Subterranean – will usually build their colony underground, under patios and base of trees. Will build mud leads and underground tunnels.
• Dampwood – will usually build their colonies in timber landscaping, damp subfloors or damp wood.
• Drywood – will usually be found in tropical climates, will nest in drywood and does not need ground contact.


Description of termites!


Redline Pest Control



Did you know that termites are one of the most social insects that live on this planet, termites work and live together in groups. Each colony contains several types (castes). The castes are separated into three groups:


• Workers
• Soldiers
• Reproductives


Different species prefer different habitats such as Subterranean termites like soil and ground contact. They tend to build their nests underground. Subterranean termites can also create termite mounds that go above ground level. Mature colonies may reach up to two million individual termites and the queens are capable of laying 2000 eggs per day. Termite colonies can exist up to 50 years.



Behaviour of termites!


The Worker termite will dominate the colony population as their primary role is to build the nest, tend the eggs and young, and gather the food for the colony.

Worker termites are wingless, sterile, and blind.


The Soldier Termite is also wingless, sterile, and blind. There are two types of termites, Mandibulated with prominent jaws and the Nasute with a pronounced snout. Their primary function is to defend the colony.


The Reproductive termite has a functional reproductive system complete with wings and eyes. Termites will usually swarm around spring to early summer or late summer to early autumn. After swarming the termites will seek out a suitable place to form a new colony. The king shape really doesn’t differ but the queen’s abdomen becomes enormously distended with eggs.


Risks of termites!



termites also known as the silent destroyer, they can cause serious structural damage to your home or business. Termites can conceal themselves provides the perfect amount of time to cause considerable damage before they are discovered.




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Alates? Termite control sydney


Redline Pest Control


What are Alates?


The word Alate refers to pest that is of a form of a social insect.


These can refer to Termite, Ants, Thrips and Aphids.


Females are often referred to queens or Gynes and the males are often referred to kings or drones.


In the past few days Termite Alates have taken flight across Sydney.  This happens when there has been abundance of rain and then high humidity and heat. Alates are poor flyers with their wings being very fragile and often breaking away from their body. A female Alate will attempt to attract a male Alate when they have settled from their flight in order to make their own colony and will reproduce.


So what does that mean for homeowners across Sydney?


Sydneysiders are now at risk of termites potentially setting up house in their place of home or business.


No one wants to think that their home or business could be damaged by termites and let alone these days with the economy rising who can afford all the repairs that come with termites and the damage that they can cause.


So what can you do to prepare for termites?


By Australian standards it is recommended that each premises has a prevention barrier and regular termite inspections. For homes in really bushy areas the CSIRO recommends that you have 6 monthly termite inspections and for areas that are not so busy every 12 months.


Below is something you can do to reduce the risk of termites attacking your premises.


  • Remove all debris from your subfloor and external areas
  • Remove bark and wood chippings
  • Remove any logs and sleepers
  • Replace of wooden fences that have wood rot in them
  • Hot water tank overflow pipe will need to be drained further away from your premises
  • Ventilation system will need to be put in place for those who have subfloors with high humidity as dark, damp and moist environments are a dream come true for termites
  • Do mini inspections on your premises, go around check to see if anything looks abnormal like timbers warping, paint bubbling or blistering, saw dust like material, changes in the colour of paint, cracks that may appear, water leaks and mud particles or mud leads.


Unfortunately Sydney homeowners are often unaware of termites chewing through their premises until it is either too late as their house has significant damage or their premises collapsed to the ground.


I know that I am always saying in my blogs, across social media or even to our clients on the phone how vital it is to have regular termite inspections done and a prevention barrier put into place as your homeowners insurance company will not pay you out if termites attack your premises if this has not been done.


I often say that homeowners and investors get the raw end of the banana as not only do they have to worry about mortgage repayments, day to day living and if you have kids their activities but you also have to worry about protecting your biggest investment you will ever have against termites.


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Commercial Pest Control Sydney and what you can do to prevent pests from entering your place of business.

keep calm and prevent pests


Whether you are a small local business or a large local business in Sydney at some point pests have or will enter your commercial food premises.


So what can you do to help prevent these little critters making your premises their new home?


  • Go around and seal all cracks and crevices as pests can enter even the smallest of gaps.
  • Prevent harbourage spaces. Remove any clutter, boxes and any other items where pest can hide.
  • Inspect all stock that comes into your commercial premises for any pests as often German cockroaches and other pests are bought in from an outside source.
  • Empty all bins to the outside council bin once full and at the end of the night.
  • At the end of the night make sure that you do a full clean of all cooking equipment, utensils, benches, tables, chairs, bar area and any other area that is in your commercial premises.
  • For bar flies, midges, drain flies and any other flying insect that lives around the drains put draino or bleach down the drains to kill off any eggs which have been laid in there.
  • Put all food stock away in appropriate places such as a pantry and fridges/freezers.


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Commercial Pest Control & What Redline Pest Control Can Do For You!!!

Good Pest Control For Your Commercial Business!

Commercial Hygiene & Pest Management


What is IPM?



IPM is also known as Integrated Pest Management and any good pest controller will implement this technique in every job that he carries out.


So what is it and how does it work?


It all starts with a call that you make to us here at Redline Pest Control, your customer service agent will ask you a few questions and then will listen to your pest concerns and advise you of the appropriate pest treatment. When the technician arrives at your home the technician will inspect, identify and treat the pest which is in your home. The technician will also advise you on tips on how you can prevent pest from entering your home.


What are the basic rules when it comes to Integrated Pest Management?


Any pest company that has good values and care about the needs of their client will use IPM which consist of 5 basic rules which are:


  1. Inspection – Each technician from Redline Pest Control will go around your premises and inspect all areas even those areas which have no issues with pests.
  2. Identification – Redline Pest Control will identify any pest which they have found around your premises.
  3. Threshold of pest – Redline Pest Control technicians will determine the threshold level of pests which are residing in your premises.
  4. Control measures – To control and manage all levels if infestations of pests which are in your premises.
  5. Evaluation – Redline Pest Control Technicians will evaluate the effectiveness of each service which is carried out and will eliminate any pests in your premises.


What can you do once pest control has been carried out on your premises?


We have the big 4 things you can do in and around your home to help prevent pests from residing in your home.


Eliminate Entry Points:


Pests don’t need an invite to set up their home in your premises. Go around your premises and find any cracks and crevices and seal them up with some sealant. Fix any broken windows, tiles on your roof, flyscreens and any other items on your premises. If your home is an older home fix any repairs on the foundations.


Home Maintenance:


Set a day of the week where you have your big clean up where you are dusting, vacuuming, sweeping and mopping. You wouldn’t believe it but pest actually love dust, food scraps and other particles that they can find. Remove any clutter that is in your home as this gives the pests a place to hide themselves away and start breeding.


Landscaping Maintenance:


Always do mini makeovers in your yard by mowing on a regular basis, pruning trees and bushes. Remove any dead branches and logs.


Eliminate Water And Food Sources:


After preparing food in your kitchen always tidy up and wipe away crumbs and spilt liquids. Put your pet bowl away once they have finished eating and at the end of the night tip their water out and turn upside down. By eliminating water and food source the pest have no reason to set up home in your premises.


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Why choose Redline Pest Control for your pest and termite services?

What should you look for when hiring a pest control company?

Is it important to have a Termite Inspection?

What should you look for when hiring a pest control company?



When it comes to looking for a pest company or any tradesman to come to your home it is vital to always do your research on that company before coming out to your home.


Now I know I might be a little anal but do we really know who is coming through our doors, trusting them to provide the correct service or let alone our trusted valuables?


Unfortunately the pest control industry isn’t regulated and there are many cowboys that makes it hard for those companies who have set the industry standards high.


When researching a pest control company what should you look for?


When I use a tradesman I google that company, searching for reviews across the web seeing if they have positive or negative reviews. When reading reviews this helps me determine if the company in question is reputable and will provide the service that is right for me.


Go through their website and get a feel for what the company stands for by reading their mission, vision and values statement and any other information that they may have on their website. Do they have a section on their website that has the list of chemicals that they use? This will usually be under the MSDS section of their website.


What should you ask the person that you intend to hire?


So you have done your research now it is time for the phone call to see if their services are the right services for you.


What sort of questions should you ask the customer service agent?


  • Are you fully insured if something should go wrong?
  • What is your warranty period?
  • Do you hold the relevant qualifications for safe handling of chemicals?
  • Does your pest technician do refresher courses so they keep up to date with not only pest bio but safe handling of chemicals?
  • Are you a registered business?
  • How long does a treatment last?
  • How long will it take to spray my home?
  • Do you implement the integrated pest management system?
  • Is your chemicals safe for my family, pets and the environment?
  • What is the payment method?
  • What sets you apart from other pest companies? (I like to ask this question to hear what tradesman have to say)
  • What is involved in the treatment?
  • What pest are included in my treatment?
  • Will the chemical kill my vegetable garden or plants?
  • What do I need to do to prepare for pest control?
  • How often should I get pest control/termite inspections done on my home?
  • When will I start seeing results from my service?
  • What is the difference in a common cockroach and a German cockroach?
  • What is the difference of webbing spiders and ground dwelling spiders?
  • What if it rains on the day of the treatment?


When calling the pest control company that you have chosen your customer service agent should ask you questions regarding the pest in your home. The customer service agent should listen without interrupting you and identify pest over the phone such a bio of that pest and how an infestation can get out of control. Recommend a treatment plan that is right for your premises.


If you are just getting quotes for pest treatments ask them to send you via email the quote so you can compare what pest service you are getting and what is involved in the pest service.


Sometimes going with the cheaper pest company can end up costing you more in the long run so make sure that you really do your research on the company you choose.


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What services does Redline Pest Control Offer?

Redline Pest Controls Values Statement!

Why choose Redline Pest Control for your pest and termite services?




Redline Pest Control Bio

keep calm pest service


Redline Pest Control is a family owned and operated Pest Control business.


Redline Pest Control has the best solution for your pest problems.


Redline Pest Control strongly believes that a good pest technician will provide you with a good thorough pest service which means there is no cutting corners, diluting chemicals or rushing in and out in 10 minutes. For a general pest treatment the service should take around an hour for a standard size home.


Unfortunately we get calls daily from customers who has hired a pest technician and they were only in their homes for a short amount of time. When the client calls the original pest technician they either answer and say they don’t have warranty even though they were promised warranty or they ignore their calls.


Redline Pest Control Technicians only uses synthetic pyrethroid products. Pyrethroid is a safe and effective chemical which has no odour and is completely safe for humans, pets and the environment.


Redline Pest Control is in no way the cheapest pest control company but we can guarantee that your home or business with be treated thoroughly with no cutting corners or diluting of chemicals.


Each pest technician that comes out to your premises will follow our three step rule:


  • Inspect the threshold of pests
  • Identify what pests that are in your home
  • Treat the pest which is in your home and making sure that your love ones and pets are safe


What is involved in a pest service?


  • Dusting of Sub floor
  • Dusting of Roof voids
  • Any crack and crevices around the house
  • Under fridges
  • Ovens
  • Dishwashers
  • Skirting board spray
  • Window frames
  • Door frames
  • Gel in all kitchen, bathroom and laundry cupboard hinges (if having a German cockroach treatment)
  • Outside treatment Spray
  • Garages / Sheds
  • Pergolas / Carports
  • Barge boards
  • Eaves
  • Perimeter of house
  • Fence line
  • Retaining walls
  • Clothes line
  • Bins
  • Garden beds/shrubs and bushes
  • Under furniture
  • Letterbox

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Commercial Pest Control & What Redline Pest Control Can Do For You!!!

What services does Redline Pest Control Offer?

Why choose Redline Pest Control for your pest and termite services?

Redline Pest Controls Values Statement!

Termite Prevention Tips Sydney

Redline Pest Control
Redline Pest Control


Every homeowner’s worst nightmare is “you have termites”.


But what are somethings you can do around your home that can help reduce the risk factor of termites setting up home in your humble abode?


I have been researching on different ways that the average homeowner can prevent the risk of termites entering their home.


Unfortunately for homeowners insurance companies do not pay out claims for termite damage.


It is recommended by Australian standards to have a termite inspection yearly and if in a bushy area to have every six months.


So what are somethings you can do around your home to reduce the risk factor of termites.


  • Reduce humidity in your subfloor by installing a crossflow ventilation fan.
  • Go around your property and remove any timber landscaping post.
  • Remove timbers in subfloor.
  • Fix any leaking pipes in and around your home.
  • Remove any wood chippings in your landscaping area.
  • If you have a section for firewood or untreated timber I highly recommend that the firewood and untreated timber be removed from your premises.
  • Divert any water sources away from your home.
  • Have a day where you do some pruning of bushes and heavy foliage.
  • Get a ladder and check your gutters and remove any debris that maybe in your gutters.
  • Remove any dead stumps or trees from your premises.
  • Make sure that water overflow pipes and air-conditioning pipes are directed away from your home.
  • Seal any cracks and crevices in and around your home.
  • Remove any moisture in and around your home.
  • Replace or repair any damage shingles, fascia and soffits.
  • Do mini inspection and check for any changes in and around your home.


If you have found out that you indeed have termites please do not disturb them as  by disturbing the termites will cause the termites to move to another location in your home making it harder for the termite technician to ascertain how bad the termite infestation is in your home.


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Why choose Redline Pest Control for your pest and termite services?

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Pre-Purchase Inspections Sydney

The big four pest that could ruin your summer holidays.

Ant Sydney_wm


Summer is well and truly here but what does that mean when dealing with pests this summer?


Whether we are entertaining in our homes, picnics at reserves or going to the beach you are guaranteed that you will encounter at least one of these pest if not all.


So what are the big four pest that will haunt us?


  1. Ants
  2. Stinging insect such as wasps and bees
  3. Mosquitoes
  4. Flies






No one wants to go on a picnic or entertain in their home and ants are crawling all over the food that we have prepared.


Ants are attracted to sweet sugary substances and will make their way to your food source very quickly.


  • Not cleaning surfaces properly can bring an ant infestation inside very quickly.
  • Cleaning up spills on the floor is vital
  • Open lollies and biscuits to be stored in air tight containers.

Stinging insects:


Bee Control Sydney
Bee Control Sydney


Bees and wasps are always buzzing around at this time of the year.


What can you do to protect your family?


  • If you see a nest around your home contact a professional pest controller immediately.
  • If you are at a park, reserve or beach move away from the affected area.






The dreaded flying insect which we all hate is the mosquito. Mosquitoes are that pesky little flying insect that loves to inject their saliva which has a substance that will anti-coagulate your blood so they can get their blood feed for longer period of times.


What can you do to protect your family from Mosquitoes?


  • Roll on some aerogard if you are outdoors.
  • Install flyscreens
  • Keep screen doors closed
  • Plant lemon scented geraniums and cat nip
  • Eucalyptus oil, vanilla oi, campor tablets work a treat.
  • Place pet bowls and kids pools upside down that way there is no water source.






Flies can be so irritating from the moment you step out of your home they are buzzing around you making your squat them like a mad person.


Flies can be a serious annoyance when entertaining, flying on the food that you have prepared.


What can you do to protect yourself this summer from flies?


  • Install flyscreens and door screens.
  • Keep doors closed
  • Slap on some aerogard
  • Put covers over your food that you have prepared.


So there you have the four common pest which will annoy you over the summer.


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Bees Bees Bees!

Bee Control Sydney


10 Fun Facts About Bees


Ten facts about termites that you may not know.



  1. Termites communicate by using their pheromones, each colony of termites have their own scent.
  2. If termites feel threatened they will start tapping away to let other termites know that danger is ahead.
  3. Termites are actually very beneficial to the environment as they break through plants and trees and turning it to new soil.
  4. Now this may sound gross but termites will actually feed off each other’s faeces.
  5. Termite soldiers and workers are blind, only reproductive termites can see as when they become Alates they will fly off in search for a new location to start breeding.
  6. Termites are in no way related to ants but are actually related to the cockroach.
  7. Termite queens can lay up to 30,000 eggs per day and can live up to 25 years.
  8. There is more termites on this earth than humans.
  9. Termites never stop to rest and will work day in and day out for the rest of their lives.
  10. Termite Alates will usually swarm for around thirty minutes and this is done in the late spring to summer often after a little bit of rain. With the humidity in the air it gives them just enough time to find a new home to start their colony.


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