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Redback Spiders Western Sydney

Redback Spiders  Western Sydney


Redback Spiders Western Sydney
Redback Spiders Western Sydney


Redback spiders also known as Latrodectus Hasselti come from the family of Theridiidae and is a native spider here in Australia.

Unfortunately, Redback Spiders Western Sydney is known to pack a punch of a bite if bitten and their venom has the capabilities to kill a human if not treated. (Did you know that antivenom was made in 1956).

Only the female Redback Spider can deliver a very painful bite, whereas the male Redback Spider don’t usually bite humans unless provoked.

Many poets and songwriters have made this feisty little Redback Spiders Sydney famous.

So, what is a Redback Spiders Western Sydney?

Female Redback Spiders can sometimes be a brown colour, but they are more commonly black with a nice red or orange stripe on their upper and below abdomen.

Male Redback Spiders do have the traditional red to orange markings, but it is not a prominent as the female Redback spider, sometimes the male can be a light brown with white Markings.

Habitat Redback Spiders Western Sydney

Redback spiders tend to live in messy webs which will generally be sticky, so it can catch its prey.

They can build their webs just about on anything and anywhere and can be in unsuspecting places such as a outside toilet.

Redback Spiders  prefers sheltered and dry areas such as rocks, shrubs, logs, piles of debris and junk, sheds and it is becoming more bolder by coming inside of our homes or businesses.


Redback Spiders Western Sydney
Redback Spiders Western Sydney


Breeding behaviours Redback Spiders Western Sydney

The male Redback Spider don’t create a web but rather they can be found on the corners of a female Redback Spider.

The male Redback Spider will actively assist the female Redback Spider in what is called the sexual cannibalism when mating.

Male Redback Spider will place his abdomen over the female redback spiders’ mouthparts and she will consume all of the male redback spiders most of the time, any males that do survive the mating ritual will generally succumb to their injuries and die a short time after the mating ritual has taken place.

Lifecycle Redback Spiders Western Sydney

After the mating ritual has ended the female Redback Spider will store the male redback spider’s sperm and can use that sperm over a two-year period.

Female Redback Spider will spend quite a bit of time producing their white to off brown egg sacks which is roughly the size 1CM diameter, she can produce roughly up to ten egg sacs a year with over 250 eggs inside.

The female Redback Spider will deposit her egg sac in her silk web and then it will take roughly anywhere from two – four weeks later for spiderlings to hatch.

Female Redback Spider will mature roughly at the four-month mark whereas the male redback spiders will generally mature roughly 90 days.

Diet Redback Spiders Western Sydney

Redback Spiders will feed on most other insects and can be found to consume small prey such as lizards, small snakes and king crickets.

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Redback spiders

Summer Pest Control Sydney

Summer Pest Control Sydney


Summer Pest Control Sydney
Summer Pest Control Sydney


With all this beautiful weather that we are having here in Sydney we are having an influx of calls from residents here in Sydney that they are seeing heaps of pests in and around their homes.


Summer Pest Control Sydney is an ideal breeding playground for nasty unwanted pests in your home or business.


While a vast majority of pests hibernate in Autumn and Winter, some pests tend to invade us all year round.


Just to name a few:


Cockroaches – Spiders – Ants – Termites – Bed Bugs – Rats – Pantry Moths – Wasps


A lot of our clients tend to have Summer Pest Control Sydney as the influx of pests seem to be at their highest.


There several different ways that you can insect proof your home, some of these are listed below.


  • Go around your home and check for any damage, cracks and crevices and seal any access points that they can gain entry.
  • After each meal, be sure to clean up straight away as crumbs are pests’ best friends.
  • Store all food packaging in air tight containers to avoid Indian meal moths from infesting further stored goods.
  • Vacuum every night before you go to bed and take out the rubbish to the outside council bin.
  • If travelling, empty your luggage straight away and I know this may sound weird but also give the luggage a quick vacuum in case you bought bed bugs home with you.
  • At the end of each night empty your pets water bowl and turn it upside down, for their food bowl give it a wash out and turn upside down.
  • If you buy second hand goods be sure to give it a good vacuum before bringing them inside to your home.


If you require Summer Pest Control Sydney Click here or call us on 9920 0790 or 0426 002 007

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We treat All of Sydney including the Blue Mountains – Katoomba, Glenbrook, Blaxland, Emu Plains, Hawkesbury Heights, Hazelbrook, Springwood, Valley Heights, Luera, Lawson, Blackheath, Faulconbridge, Wentworth Falls, Winmalee, Yellow Rock, Mount Riverview

Pigeon control Sydney

Pigeon control Sydney



Pigeon control Sydney
Pigeon control Sydney



Whether you are residential or a commercial premise there is one pest that we all have at one point or another that will grind our goats and make a huge mess by their faeces.


I am talking about pigeons, these pesky little buggers can not only create noise and mess but can damage roof tiles, gutters, solar panels and also bring bird lice causing you to itch all over.


In most cases birds can roost in gutters and downpipes causing a water overflow which can increase moisture issues which then could lead to other pests such as termites, springtails, thrips and more to take up residence in your humble abode.


Redline Pest Control offers the follow bird proofing methods for Sydney residents:


• Solar skirts for solar panels – Installation of solar skirts around your solar panels
• Electric shock track system – solar charged wires that are installed along roof ledges, windowsills, and other parts of your roof that pigeons are roosting on
• Stainless steel spikes – Installation of bird spikes will prevent pigeons roosting on almost any surfaces
• Avi strand wire – AVI strand wire will be installed with metal post and wiring system going through the post, secured with UV stable post support base
• Stealth netting – is great for roof tops, garages, carparks, loading docks and warehouses, it is almost undetectable to the eye and can come in a variety of colours and sizes
• Shooting – we are fortunate to have a technician who is highly trained in shooting birds in the most humane methods
• Narcotic baiting – We need to obtain a permit from National Parks and Wildlife to narcotic bait birds, this is done over five consecutive days


What separates us here at Redline Pest Control from other pest companies here in Sydney?


• Fully accredited, licence and have insurance
• Qualified technicians who have regular national police checks
• Boom lift licence
• No mess, no fuss and, no disturbance to you or any dwellings around your premises
• Family owned and operated pest control business
• Always on time and provide a reliable cost-effective service
• Professional and honest service every time
• We listen to what your concerns are, and tailor make each pest service according to your needs


Pigeon control Sydney – one of the main reasons pigeons are considered a pest is because of the following:


• Bird lice/mites that can make your skin break out
• pigeon nesting materials in gutter, solar panels, and roof voids
• Spread of diseases from their faeces which can cause you to be very sick
• Attracts rodents and cockroaches to their nests
• When adult pigeons have a nest and baby pigeons are in these nests it can be noisy in the early morning and at dusk when they are due for a feed
• Damage with solar panels, timbers, shingles, roof tiles, drain pipes, air-con units, gutters, paint work, bricks, and cause metal to corrode and become an eyesore


Pigeon control Sydney – associated Problems that pigeons can cause:


Pigeons and their debris are known to be a source of bacteria which can be very harmful to humans.


• Pigeon Nests – can be the source of many unpleasant insects including fleas, mites, lice, some beetles and flies
• Ornithosis – symptoms range from flu like illness to pneumonia or influenza
• Bird fanciers lung – an allergic reaction which is caused by exposure to dust inhaled from bird debris
• Cryptococcosis – This is a very serious illness. It begins as a lung infection but can progress to the meninges of the brain causing Meningitis
• E-Coli -This is contracted orally by ingesting food or water contaminated with a pathogenic strain caused by pigeons
• Salmonella – typhoid like intestinal infection


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How to win the war against ants!




Did you know that ants are one of the most common pest, and in fact they can be a real nuisance once they decide that your home is now their home.

Unfortunately for us ants can sniff out any good source of food which then leads to an infestation of these tiny little critters.

All you need is one ant in your home before they signal other ants that your home has a good food source.

It has been proven that ants will go along the same scent trail when they forage for food when they leave their nest.

Here is an interesting fact, did you know that ants can carry up to 10 times their body weight.


Firstly you need to Identify what type of ants you have?




The first thing you need to do is to identify which type of ants you have. You may not know this but worldwide there are over 15,000 different species of ants.


The most common species of ants here in Sydney are the following:


Black ants – loves their food source to be sweet, usually found in your kitchen/dining areas.

Bull ants – feeds on sweet food sources but mainly feeds off animal carcasses.

Carpenter ants – will feast on animal carcasses, plant fibres and sweet substances, usually sets nest in dead or dampwood.

Argentine ants – travels a long way from their nest to source of sweet food sources but have been known to also feast on animal carcasses and insects.

Coastal brown ant – will be found near pathways in and around your garden, prefers dry areas and will feast on greasy foods, fruit, sweet substances and animal carcasses.



Ants will nest outside your home in rockeries, sheds, kid’s equipment, under pathways, subfloors or patios but Inside, their nests can be found in wall cavities, basements and roof voids.


Keep your home clean!


The first line of defence against ants in or around your home is to first make sure that you keep your home clean. Food scraps and crumbs are very attractive to these pesky ants as they are scavengers by nature and the only way to source food is to go foraging for food. Sweep up crumbs, make sure food is securely stored in airtight containers, put your pets bowel away after each meal, clean up sticky messes as the sugar attracts them.


Call in the professionals to avoid ants getting out of control!


There are many ways that a reputable pest control company can deal with ants. Here at Redline Pest Control we feel that by providing a chemical barrier in and around your premises will leave you with lasting results. We have a proven method that works first by reducing the ants then a colony elimination, you ask how could that be, well first of all the chemical we use is a slow release chemical which allows the ants to take the chemical back to the nest, once the queen digest the chemical and passes over the other ants will no longer know what to do as they queen ant is the one that gives out the signals to the workers and soldiers. If there are no signals the ants do not know how to forage so therefore they will also die.


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The good the bad and the ugly of pests


Ticks Sydney Pest Control

Ticks Sydney Pest Control


Ticks Sydney Pest Control
Ticks Sydney Pest Control


With Ticks in Sydney and around the world, ticks are blood sucking parasites which feed on the blood of humans and pets.


With over 800 species worldwide and with roughly 70 species here in Australia it is reported that this summer ticks in Sydney are on the rise and breeding rapidly.


Ticks have four pairs of legs, their head, body and thorax are fused together and is an orangey browny colour. Nymphs have only three pairs of legs.


With the male ticks they have a plate which covers their entire body and the female only has half a plate covering their body.


With the lifecycle of a tick there are four development stages it will go through, egg, larvae, nymph and adult.


In order for a female tick to survive she must have a host to feed on as this is fundamental in passing from stage to stage in their life and to produce eggs.


Tick eggs will only be laid in moist surroundings and with a single female she can produce over 3000 eggs which will hatch between 40 to 60 days.


Once the eggs have hatch they then become into larvae and will be referred to as seed ticks and is anywhere from 1 – 2 mm long. Once the larvae mature a little bit their skin will harden and will be able to start climbing onto things that will give them the opportunity to attach themselves to a native host which is an animal. (this is only for the larvae stage of life)


Larvae usually will feed anywhere from 4 to 6 days on their host after their feed they will then detach themselves from their host and will transform into a nymph.


Nymphs will spend time in a moist environment for up to 40 days before finding a new host to feed on.


Nymphs are roughly between 2 to 5 mm and will feed for up to 7 days on their new host until they detach themselves where they will moult for a final time before it becomes an adult.


Once the nymph has matured in to an adult tick they will usually be around 5 to 6 mm in length and will reattach themselves on to their host for a feed and once they have engorged for up to 20 days the tick will become globular and will reach up to 10mm in length.


There are two classifications of ticks which are soft ticks and hard ticks.


Soft ticks are from the family order of Argasidae are not that common and will rarely come in contacts with humans. They have a leathery winkled appearance.


Hard ticks are from the family order of Xodidae and are very common in attaching themselves to humans. They have short elongated mouth pieces with a row of teeth which points backwards, they have a hard-flat body.


What are signs of a tick bite?


If you have been bitten by a tick, symptoms usually start to appear within 3-7 days.


  • Death may be caused by respiratory failure or heart failure.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Pupils become dilated and look sick.
  • Discharge from your eyes.
  • Vomiting, grunting and wheezing can be present.
  • Become paralysed.



How can you reduce the risk of ticks around your home in Sydney?


  • Like possums bandicoots are a protective species and if you have bandicoots you will need to get someone who will be able to catch and release the bandicoot to an alternate location.
  • Go around your home and do a total lawn care makeover, mow lawns regularly, prune trees, bushes and foliage.
  • Scan you pets every few days to make sure that they haven’t picked up any ticks. (if you do find ticks on your pets please take them to the vet as sometimes when pulling them out you can break them off causing the poison to be still in your pet.
  • Call a trusted pest control company in Sydney where they will blanket spray not only your lawn but hedges, garden beds, shrubs, bushy areas on your premises for ticks in Sydney.


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Buyer beware Pest Control Sydney

Buyer beware Pest Control Sydney


Buyer beware Pest Control Sydney
Buyer beware Pest Control Sydney


As the weather has started warming up, bugs have started invading homes across Sydney causing quite a stir.


What does that mean for those who have pest’s issues?


Unfortunately, the pest control industry isn’t regulated and there are a lot of flyby pesties who come out of the woodwork for the busy season.


Now I know that everyone is on a budget but looking for that cheap quote where these flyby pesties promise you the world by treating all pests and providing up to 12 months warranty for $99 to $150.


Unfortunately flyby pesties either don’t read the manufacturer’s label or they are promising what they know to be false advertising as the chemical manufacture only has a six month warranty on their label.


While group buying websites are all the rage today you have to be careful of the fine print in the terms and conditions.


Let’s have a look at Gumtree as that is a directory of just about anyone who has access to their website. This is where a lot of flyby pesties advertise their work and can get away with ripping off the average joe blow. Now don’t get me wrong there are also good pest controllers on Gumtree.


In reality this actually can come at cost in so many ways.


Do you want your family sick?


Looking for another pest controller and outlaying more money as the previous pest controller didn’t fix your issue.


What happens when the pest come back, and you call that pest controller to come back as you have 12 months warranty, do you get the run around? Their phone is no longer connected? They say oh that is not covered under warranty?


What are you paying for?


For us here at Redline Pest Control we offer a premium service to each and every client.


What do you need to look out for when choosing the right pest controller?


Do your research on that company, google them, look for reviews good and bad, check their website out, does it have information that is suited to your needs?


By reading reviews you are getting a feel for that company and what they offer.


General Pest Control should be on or around the $220 mark and should come with a six month guarantee with spiders having a 1 month guarantee as you need to spray spiders directly as they go from web to web and have oil glands at the end of their legs that don’t soak up the chemical if they do happen to walk over the barrier.


A general pest treatment will vary depending on the size of your property.


Units: around 40 minutes give or take


Single storey home: around 1 hour give or take


Double storey home: around 1.5 hours give or take


General pest control should cover the following pests:


  • Large cockroaches
  • Webbing spiders
  • Silverfish
  • Creamy colour crickets
  • Wasps


What is involved in a general pest treatment:


Firstly, the technician will chat to you about your concerns with pests and then the pest technician will do a mini inspection to ascertain the level of infestation of each pests.


Internally: Skirting boards spray Spraying under all furniture dusting of the roof void, and spraying any cracks and crevices.

Externally: Perimeter spray around your property, around door frames and window frames, Gutters and fascia boards, fence-line, Garden beds, scrubs, bushes, any ornaments on your property, close-line, bins, letterbox, dusting of the sub-floor and in cracks and crevices.


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Pest Control Sydney – Do you spray in the rain?

Pest Control Sydney – Do you spray in the rain?


Pest Control Sydney - Do you spray in the rain?
Pest Control Sydney – Do you spray in the rain?


Pest Control Sydney –  Do you spray in the rain?






Unfortunately here at Redline Pest Control we don’t spray in wet weather or break treatments up in wet weather as we don’t want your treatment to be washed away with the rain.


Whether it is light rain or heavy rain your appointment will be rescheduled if you have external areas included in your package.


Why do we reschedule the whole appointment when it rains?


We have proven methods that work and by splitting up a treatment you are not getting a full barrier against pests from entering your home.


We have tested and tried splitting treatments up when it rains and we simply don’t find that we get the best results for any treatment that has been split up.


Will you reschedule if it looks like it is going to rain?


At the end of each day and beginning of each day we check and monitor the weather in your local area and will determine if a treatment needs to be reschedule, if it is only cloudy we will still come out and perform the treatment.


What if it rains after my appointment?


If it rains within 4 hours after your appointment we will come back out to your premises and respray at no charge to you as we can’t help how the weather pans out. A note will be put in your client file that it had rained that day and that if any issues arises with pests that we will also come back out at no charge to you.


If it rains the night prior to your booking your service may be rescheduled as the ground may still be wet at the time of your booking. If the ground is wet the chemical will not bind and therefore will be ineffective and a waste of your precious hard earned money.


So can any treatments get done if it rains?


The following premises can be sprayed for pest control:

Commercial premises – as long as there are no external areas.

Units – as long as there are no external areas.

Houses – as long as there are no external areas.

German cockroaches, internal fleas, rodents, bedbugs, lice/mites.



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Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes



Each and every one of us has been bitten at some point in our lives by mosquitoes.


That annoying itchy feeling after we have been bitten by mosquitoes is the worst, scratching like a mad man whether it be on the bus to work or the comfort in our homes.


With mosquitoes come diseases depending where the mosquitoes have come from. Only female mosquitoes will bite their unsuspecting victims.


The diseases that are associated with mosquitoes are:


  • Malaria
  • Yellow fever
  • Dengue fever
  • Chikungunya
  • Ross river virus
  • Murray valley encephalitis
  • Barmah forest virus


What attracts mosquitoes to bite us and how can we get rid of them in a natural way?


When mosquitoes bite their victims they will also inject their salvia into the skin to prevent your blood clotting. Their salvia is what causes the itch once we have been bitten.


  • Lemon scented geranium is great, mosquitoes can’t stand this plant
  • Remove any water source which is on your property as this is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes
  • Install fly screens over windows and a screen door both for your front and back door
  • In a small dish place left over coffee which has been grounded and mix with a small amount of water
  • Citronella candles are great if you are having a BBQ
  • Get a small dish and place one camphor tablet and dilute with water (you can get these tablets from chemist warehouse
  • Put a cover over your pool, if you have a baby pool turn it over and turn buckets upside down
  • Put pets water bowls away at the end of the day so mosquitoes cannot breed
  • In an oil burner place one teaspoon of vanilla oil and one teaspoon of olive oil and let the aromas deter the mozzies
  • Catnip plants and oils will also work a treat
  • Lemon eucalyptus oil in an oil burner just watch the mosquitoes disappear


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What Services Does Redline Pest Control Have To Offer

Spring Pest Control Sydney


Spring Pest Control Sydney
Spring Pest Control Sydney


Yep it is that time of the year again, Spring has just arrived and with the abundance warm weather and flowers sprouting it sure is bringing bees and other pest out of hiding.


So what does this mean? Spring Pest Control Sydney


As the cooler months turn into warmer month’s pest come out of hibernation to feed and breed setting up a nice little home in your humble abode.


So we all know that pest are seasonal and with the cooler months it will bring pest like rodents and spiders in doors but was does the warmer months bring to your home? Cockroaches! Eww did someone say cockroaches? Yep I sure did say that nasty word cockroaches.


Spring Pest Control Sydney
Spring Pest Control Sydney



So why is it important to get rid of these pest? Spring Pest Control Sydney


Cockroaches, Rodents and Flies can cause contamination by urinating and pooping over utensils, bench tops, containers and food which has been left out.  Unfortunately these pests carry a lot of harmful bacteria such as streptococcus virus, Staphylococcus Salmonella and streptococcus virus. Would you put your family’s health or life on the line? I know that I certainly wouldn’t put my family’s life on the line.


Bees and wasps may be great from an ecological point of view but what dangers can they bring when they have set up their hives in or around your home. For most of a simple bee or wasps sting will only cause small irritation but for others this could very will send them to the emergency department or even worse cause death.


Now is the time to prune those trees and bushy areas, clean up around the kiddies play equipment and keep the lawns cut short.


Why do we always advise customers to keep their lawns short and their yards neat and tidy?


Redline Pest Control believes that in order to reduce pest thresholds it is vital to know what is going on in and around your premises. Say for instance that you have long grass, snakes and ground dwelling spiders will be in all their glory as it is the perfect breeding ground for them to breed and feed without being detected. Pest which are easily undetected cause can serious harm to you or your loved ones.


Don’t delay call today to have those nasty pesky little pest eradicated from your humble abode.


Spring Pest Control Sydney
Spring Pest Control Sydney


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Redline Pest Controls Values Statement!

To establish Redline Pest Control as the leading provider of pest control in Sydney.


Redline Pest Control will follow our 5 principles which we will maintain as we grow.


(1)   Customer Service is Redline Pest Controls number one priority.

(2)   Redline Pest Control will always find a solution to any problem which arises.

(3)   Redline Pest Control is highly innovative in the services it delivers to each client and is guided by our core principles which is environmental, reputable, respectful and honest.

(4)    Each service which Redline Pest Control carries-out will be defined with a highly structured service which outlines how the service works and priced in accordance to what the client is seeking.

(5)   Redline Pest Control will always hold high integrity by carrying out each service to the highest level of professionalism and with 100% accuracy.