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Pest Control schools – Get a head of the class!

Pest Control for schools – Get a head of the class!


Pest Control schools – Get a head of the class!
Pest Control schools – Get a head of the class!


Here at Redline Pest Control we are fortunate to provide pest control for a few schools here in Sydney.


Did you know that schools are an ideal place for  pests as there is an abundant supply of food for each pest that are lurking around.


With students eating their lunches both internally and in school grounds of the school it is very easy to get an outbreak from pests.


When a Redline Pest Control technicians visit your school a full, thorough inspection is carried out to identify any current pest issues, evidence of conditions that could potentially cause an infestation and how to implemented a pest treatment to avoid pest issues in the future.


Redline Pest Control will also work with you through our Integrated Pest Management system(IPM) to fight and eliminate against pest.



Common pests found in schools.


Pest Control for schools – Get a head of the class!
Pest Control for schools – Get a head of the class!


Before Redline Pest Control takes any action regarding pest management in your school we will meet with you to determine what pest species are currently active and causing an issue within the school. Here are some pests which are typically found in schools:


1. Ants
2. Bees and wasps
3. Cockroaches
4. Rodents
5. Termites
6. Spiders
7. Silverfish
8. Creamy colour crickets



Pests will always find their new home in many different places in the school such as:


1. Classrooms
2. Gyms/sporting areas
3. Lockers
4. Cafeterias
5. Dumpers and trash bins
6. School ground
7. Staff rooms
8. Library
9. Halls


Pest Control schools – Get a head of the class!
Pest Control schools – Get a head of the class!


Redline Pest Control will find the right Integrated pest management for your school.


Redline Pest Control follows an integrated pest management system. Before carrying out any treatment your dedicated pest technician will go around and source any problematic areas that pests tend to harbour.


Schools can also reduce the pest population by identifying what is causing a pest outbreak and eliminating the source that is attracting the pests.


By having preventive measures set in place you can reduce the pests or avoid the pests by simply following the steps below:


1. Move dumpsters containing food further away from school.
2. Seal all cracks, crevices, and wall voids.
3. Restrict eating food to cafeterias.
4. Repair and remove all leaking pipes in and around the school.
5. Institute strict sanitation measures for everyone to follow.
6. Clean all gutters and redirect water flow away from school buildings to reduce moisture.
7. Educate students and employees on how to reduce the risk of pests by throwing any food scraps away in appropriate bins.



The pests which are usually encountered at schools may have the potential to spread diseases. These pests are cockroaches, rodents, and birds.


Redline Pest Control values IPM (Integrated Pest Management) and identifies the pest issues thoroughly on arrival for your pest treatment. What we suggest is that you keep a record of pest problems at the school indicating what pests you are experiencing and where the pest was seen each time. By having a pest sighting sheet available for staff they are able to log the date, time and where they are seeing the pests in and around your school.


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Pest Control schools – Get a head of the class!

Commercial Pest Control Sydney


Commercial Pest Control Sydney
Commercial Pest Control Sydney


We all love getting with our friends sharing laughs while we dine at our favourite places to eat whether it is the local restaurant, pub, take away that swanky upmarket bar.


Do we really know what is lurking behind the doors of these places that we frequent?


Are you a business owner and finding it difficult to gain control over pest which are lurking around like they own the joint?


Redline Pest Control deals with all pests regardless if they are big or small and will find a solution which is suited to the needs of your food premises.


What sets Redline Pest Control apart from other pest control companies?


Redline Pest Control uses the Integrated Pest Management.


What is the Integrated Pest Management?


The Integrated Pest Management is a system that Redline Pest Control uses in order to carry out and maintain a pest free business.


The Integrated Pest Management method consists of 5 basic steps that each technician will carry out at your appointment and they are:


  1. Inspection – A thorough inspection of your business premises will be conducted even in those areas which don’t have any pest issues.
  2. Identification – Will correctly identify any pests which are lurking around in your business.
  3. Threshold Levels – To establish the threshold levels of all pests which are in your business.
  4. Control Measures – To control and manage all pests which are in your business.
  5. Evaluation – Each technician will evaluate the effectiveness of our service which we have applied  to your business to make sure that we have eradicated and eliminate all pests which are in your business.


So let’s take a minute to talk about what can happen if you do not have any pest maintenance programs in place.


I have a client who has a chain of restaurants who thought he could tackle a cockroach and rodent problem on his own. He would place baits and spray the restaurants before he closed for the night just using everyday fly spray that you get over the counter at your local grocery shop.


While at first that may of provided temporary relief it wasn’t getting rid of the pest issue.


It wasn’t until the council came into one of his restaurants and fined him for fail to take practicable measures to eradicate and prevent the harbourage of pests that he realised that he needed help in eradicating the rodents and cockroaches.


It is vital for anyone who has a food business to always have a pest management service in place and to always maintain that pest maintenance service to avoid pest from entering your food business.


Other than copping a fine from the council what else can go wrong if pest are not eradicated?


You definitely don’t want your customers to fall sick or die eating your food. Yes, I know you are probably thinking she is so dramatic as if anyone is going to get sick or die from eating our food but trust me it does happen.


With pest comes diseases and with diseases comes sickness and in some cases death.


Cockroaches, rodents and other pest will always contaminate food, prepping stations, utensils, pots and pans by running over it or soiling it with their waste.


Once being fined from the council they will give your company details to the NSW Food Authority and they will then place your details on their name and shame section on their website.


You’re on the name and shame so what, what could go wrong? Its only a website. Nobody checks it.


Well you are wrong, many people have subscribed to the name and shame and will check it to see if their favourite restaurant is listed on there for any issues before heading out.


Once being placed on the register every potential customer will be able to see what it is exactly that you have been fined for and when you were fined.


Loss of reputation could ruin your business.


Word of mouth resulting in a loss of business resulting in you closing your doors for good.



Commercial Pest Control Sydney
Commercial Pest Control Sydney



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Commercial Pest Control

Why choose Redline Pest Control


Why choose Redline Pest Control


Why choose Redline Pest Control for your pest and termite services?
Why choose Redline Pest Control for your pest and termite services?



We often get asked what separates Redline Pest Control from other pest control companies my answer to this is communication with our clients. Without communication we believe that we are unable to provide an honest service. Now I know when I am speaking with a client it may seem as though I am asking a lot of questions regarding their home and what pest they are seeing. This is so we can determine which is the best pest and termite service that is right for your home or business. Redline Pest Control doesn’t believe in charging our clients a service they don’t need.


Redline Pest Control will always find a solution to any problem which arises in your premises whether it be friendly advice over the phone, advice on how you could eliminate pest on your own or whether you need a treatment to get rid of the pest that is in your home or business.


Redline Pest Control will always provide before and after advice to our clients whether it be questions regarding the treatment that they had or tips on how our clients can keep pest away.


Why choose Redline Pest Control.


Redline Pest Control will always ask you questions before going around your premises and inspecting the threshold of pest or termites that is in your premises.


All technicians hired by Redline Pest Control will have up-to-date knowledge of both pest biology and how to use chemicals in a safe manner for not only our customers but also the environment.


Redline Pest Control promises to deliver a pest free environment for your premises whether it would be your commercial business home or investment property.


Redline Pest Control aims to set the highs industry standard for quality safety and customer service by educating our customers on the life cycle of a pest and what damage it can to your premises.


Redline Pest Control always provides an honest service while holding integrity and being professional at all times.


Redline Pest Control will send you a friendly reminder each year to advise you that it is that time of the year to have your termite inspection or pest treatment done.

Redline Pest Control will send you a link to your customer portal where it will have your service report and receipt so you will never have a paper trail again.


Why choose Redline Pest Control for your pest and termite services?


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Pest Control For Your Commercial Business!

Good Pest Control For Your Commercial Business
Pest Free BusinessPest Control For Your Commercial Business


What’s the first thing we think about when we go to our favourite restaurant?


The yummy food good conversation great company.


What is going on behind-the-scenes of our favourite restaurants?


Do you have regular pest control on your food industry business?


Have you seen pest like rats, cockroaches, ants or birds in your business?


What can you do to avoid a pest outbreak in your food industry business?

Being in the pest industry I get to see a lot of things behind the scenes that I wouldn’t ordinarily see.


Good Pest Control For Your Commercial Business


With dealing with commercial pubs bars restaurants and cafes there seems to be a common trait that they either don’t know the food safety laws, know how to clean the premises each day or they do not have a pest controller who is servicing them with the correct method of service.

What makes a good pest technician?

A good pest technician will always inspect the premises before carrying out any pest treatment to a commercial premises.


Pest Control For Your Commercial Business


Redline Pest Control will inspect identify and treat any pest that is in your commercial business as by failing to follow the steps we have implemented will result in our clients still having issues with pest and therefore could result in them either getting a fine or even worse a customer getting severely sick or dying from bacteria that pest leave behind.
I often get to go out with the technicians when we first get a new commercial premises this allows me to have knowledge of how a pest treatment is carried out and what our clients can do in order to prevent a future pest outbreak.
Redline Pest Control not only treats pest but advises our commercial clients on the different methods on how they can eradicate pest on their own by simply following our advice.


Sometimes all that needs to be done is block entry points so pest can’t gain entry or have  simple cleaning procedure put in place once the commercial premises closes for the day.

Redline Pest Control has been hearing a lot of horror stories from our commercial clients who had previously used a different pest control company.


Good Pest Control For Your Commercial Business


With one of our commercial clients their previous pest control company had used coopex dust in the kitchen area along the skirting boards near where the cooking elements were and on top of the kitchen counters which could potentially killed their customers.


Needless to say that this commercial client was still seeing a severe infestation of German cockroaches.


The NSW Food authority has a section on their website especially for those who have been fined in the food industry.


Put your mind at ease and check the NSW Food Authority website to see if any of your favourite restaurants are pest free.


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Redline Pest Controls Values Statement!

To establish Redline Pest Control as the leading provider of pest control in Sydney.


Redline Pest Control will follow our 5 principles which we will maintain as we grow.


(1)   Customer Service is Redline Pest Controls number one priority.

(2)   Redline Pest Control will always find a solution to any problem which arises.

(3)   Redline Pest Control is highly innovative in the services it delivers to each client and is guided by our core principles which is environmental, reputable, respectful and honest.

(4)    Each service which Redline Pest Control carries-out will be defined with a highly structured service which outlines how the service works and priced in accordance to what the client is seeking.

(5)   Redline Pest Control will always hold high integrity by carrying out each service to the highest level of professionalism and with 100% accuracy.

Pest Free Business Sydney


Pest Free Business


Pest Free Business
Pest Free Business


What does your commercial food business say about you?


Whether you are a take away shop, restaurant or café food hygiene is vital for any business owner who is in the food industry as without customers you wouldn’t be in business today.


Do you have regular pest control on your business?


Have you seen pest like rats, cockroaches, ants or birds in your business?


What can you do to avoid a pest outbreak in your business?


Could your business survive if you were to have pest outbreak or being fined and put on the name and shame website?


In today’s society it is easy for potential customers to search if a business has been placed on the Food Authority’s Name and Shame registry therefore potentially losing you customers for a mistake that you could have avoided.


Pest control is so vital in the food industry and anyone who owns a business has the duty of care to make sure that food hygiene and a pest free environment is in place at their business.


What are some steps you can do to make sure that your business is pest free?


  • Install flyscreens to windows and doors
  • Seal any gaps, holes and cracks and crevices in your building
  • Have an plan of action once your business closes for the day
  • Designate an employee to make sure that other employees pulling their weight when it comes to cleaning and keeping food safe at the end of each day
  • have regular training available for all of your employees so they are aware of the dos and don’ts when it comes to hygiene and pest management
  • Keep food in air tight containers and do not store food on the floor
  • Keep your garbage area neatly and always take the rubbish out at the end of each day
  • Have regular mini inspections, go around the premises and see if you can see any areas which are affected by pest or have pest droppings.
  • Being on a regular pest maintenance program with a pest control company who is licensed


When cleaning your business be sure to make sure that you get all fats and oils from those hard to reach places and that all bench tops, counters, floors etc are cleaned with the correct cleaning agent. For cups, plates and utensils make sure that they are sterilised in hot water and the correct detergent is placed in the dishwasher.


It is very easy for an outbreak of pest to occur without you realising. Say for instance German cockroaches you see them at night time and depending of the infestation you could very well see them in the day as they are spilling from their harbourage spots. For every female German cockroach you have they have the potential to breed hundreds before you even realise that you have an issue. Female German cockroaches breed every 5 to 6 weeks and once their egg capsule hatches between 40 to 50 baby cockroaches will be running around. Their lifecycle can be hard to eradicate if the outbreak is quite high. Usually you will need to be put on a maintenance program by having an initial service then a follow up service 6 weeks later then depending on the conditions of your business you have services every 6 weeks to 3 months to maintain a pest free environment.


Pest Free Business


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